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The Korean drama titled East of Eden is an example of the romance and action genre. It was broadcast from August 2008 until March 2009 on the MBC network in South Korea.

Synopsis of the Korean Drama East of Eden

This Korean Drama serial East of Eden became very popular due to its unique storyline about two men whose fates crossed the day they were born in the same hospital. As a teenager one of the boys is an eyewitness to the murder of his father.

The role of Lee Dong Chul is played by South Korean child actor Shin Dong Woo while South Korea’s actor Kim Bum plays this character as a 15-year-old. He tries to focus his life on fulfilling his promise to himself to avenge the death of his father by attacking the man responsible. This man is none other than Shin Tae Hwan.

A fact that nobody’s aware of is that the younger brother of Lee Dong Chul was actually switched at birth with the young son of Shin Tae Hwan. Therefore, Myung Hun is not really his brother but instead Dong Wook is his younger brother through blood ties. Dong Wook grows up to pursue a career as a legal prosecutor and decides to assist his brother in getting revenge. However, as time passes the story moves to reveal the contradiction and conflict that Dong Chul faces.

The story unfolds as he realizes that the man trying to help him and committed to him is not his real brother. As it turns out he is actually the son of his enemy whereas his real brother is being sheltered and reared by his worst enemy in the world.

The Cast of East of Eden

The cast of this popular and exciting TV serial East of Eden is comprised of leading South Korean actors and actresses. These include the known names like Song Seung Hun who takes on the role of the adult Lee Dong Chul, Yun Jung Hoon who played his brother Lee Dong Wook, his enemy is played by Park Hae Jin who perfectly captures the character of Shin Myung Hun, while Lee Da Hae represents Min Hye Rin. Korean actress Lee Yeon Hee delivers a stellar performance as Gook Young Ran / Grace and Han Ji Hye takes on the role of Kim Ji Hyun and finally Dennis Oh plays Mike’s character.

Production Credits for East of Eden

The TV series was produced under the banner of the South Korean production company known as Chorokbaem Media while the producers were Kim Jin Man and Choi Byung Gil. The screenwriters for this TV program were none other than Na Yun Sook and Lee Hong Ku, while South Korean director So Won Young took the production of the TV serial under his wing.
Awards for East of Eden

In 2008, the TV serial won several 2008 MBC Drama Awards including the Grand Prize for Song Seung Hun and the Female Top Excellence Award for Lee Mi Sook and Male Excellence Award for Jo Min Ki.

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