Swedish Style Home Interiors

Swedish style home interiors have been so popular that their influence is almost too difficult to calculate. Read on for more info on decorating your home interior…

Sometimes called the Nordic Style as well, Swedish style home interiors do partake of some common characteristics, regardless of their influence on other approaches to home décor.

Like the Gustavian style tables that Sweden is famous for, walls that conform to the Swedish style are typically painted in white, grey or lighter shades like creams or extremely pale blues or greens.

In a manner similar to the teak tables that are popular in Scandinavia wooden floors are left unpainted or unfinished in many instances. If they are to be painted they would be painted in neutral tones. Like the table runners that grace many a Swedish table, furniture is bedecked with striped or checked fabrics or delicate floral patterns.

Window treatments in Swedish style home interiors tend to be quaint and functional. This attitude finds expression in the roll-up window shades that are found in Swedish manor houses. Sheer fabric adds a touch of elegance to what might otherwise be considered a bit too prosaic.

If you have ever wondered whether the people that design lighting for IKEA come by their ideas honestly you should consider the long tradition of Swedish and Scandinavian lighting that is characterized by simple lines and squarish or rounded shapes. This is particularly true of table lamps and floor lamps. Striped patterns for shades tend to complement these motifs. Wall lamps and chandeliers are another matter. The lines are curvier and the style is definitely neo-classical in many instances.

In the boudoir, once again, pale tones and august Gustavian curves predominate. Furnishings can either be painted in white or pale colors or left alone in natural blond wood, for example. Bed linens exhibit the subtle stripes and checks that grace fabrics found in other parts of a home that is decorated in the manner of most Swedish style home interiors. Canopy beds are commonly found in the bedroom in Swedish homes. Other furnishing will likely exemplify the balance between form and function that prevails in Northern European climes.

In the bedroom, and perhaps elsewhere, antique gilded mirrors may add just the right sort of ornate contrast to the rest of the elements that comprise a Swedish style interior without overpowering the other furnishings found there.

Glass and ceramic vases are popular complementary accessories to rooms done in the Swedish style. Items from the last three or four centuries won’t look out of place if the curves are gentle or the style is classic.

Kitchens may be graced with Swedish slat back chairs. Woven rugs in striped, checkered or floral patterns can add a Swedish touch to hardwood or tiled flooring. Kitchen cabinetry in pale colors and repetitive patterns can lend a Swedish feel to the room.

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