Korean Mink Blankets

Want to buy luxurious Korean mink blankets? Read on to learn more about these faux mink blankets popular all over the world for their luxurious feel…

Korean mink blankets generally are manufactured in China and Korea. However, most people have the misconception that they are created out of animal fur. Actually, Korean mink blankets are manufactured out of synthetic fiber to replicate the luxurious and plush feeling of original animal mink. Both countries manufacture the Korean mink blanket out of a mix of acrylic and polyester fibers.

The higher the content of acrylic the softer the blanket and this is further supported by polyester fibers that keep it wrinkle free. The general mix of fibers in a Korean mink blanket is approximately 85% or more of acrylic fiber while polyester is kept to a maximum of 15%.

This trend was initiated by Koreans who manufactured blankets with the synthetic fiber. This is done in order to make up for business loss due to the stringent controls and lobbying by animal rights activists designed to curtail the use of real fur and protect animals. Thus, what is actually a faux Korean mink blanket is marketed under the label of Korean mink blankets. Over 90% of the world’s synthetic mink blankets are manufactured in China and Korea – making them the market leaders.

The popularity of this product increased in the United States after their military personnel returned from the Korean War in the 1950s. It was perhaps the most cherished gift that was sent home for family and friends by the soldiers. The luxurious feel of the synthetic Korean mink blanket was unknown to the US market and was considered highly desirable and cherished by the recipient.

Checking Quality of the Korean Mink Blanket

To ensure that you get a high quality Korean mink blanket and can justify the price you’re paying for it you need to check it physically. The quality of the synthetic fiber known as acrylic is very important. The only guaranteed way to judge the quality of a Korean mink blanket  is to check it by hand and feel the softness. This is derived from the type of fibers utilized in its creation. Furthermore, if it is not crafted out of high-quality fibers then it will not last long and will become misshapen.

The reason for this is that the Korean mink blanket requires a fine balance of both the fibers to keep its soft yet structured. If this is not the case then the low-quality fibers will collapse after you launder it and this results in a crumpled blanket. It is essential to purchase a Korean mink blanket from a reputable dealer who actually gives you a guarantee of quality. That will ensure that you have the best quality synthetic fibers and the Korean mink blanket you purchase will retain its plush feel and structure for decades.

Korean mink blankets are available in a variety of designs and patterns. From tiger prints to original animal mink designs you can find these blankets go on to replicate prints like flowers, landscape and as geometrical designs. The colors are vibrant and bright and the synthetic fibers shine lustrously to further enhance the quality and impact of the color.

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