Jamaican Bikinis

Jamaica, being an island, puts you in near proximity to the beach no matter where you are. To be stylish a Jamaican bikini is a must. Read our guide for more facts and information…

There was a time that for both women and men cut off shorts and tee shirts were the chosen beach attire in Jamaica. This was natural as you were always close to the water and you could just go dive in at a moment’s whim. Now with tourism having increased over the years every one wants to be stylish and the women proudly wear their bikinis.

Represent Your Jamaican Pride

Bikinis come in all different designs and can be as revealing as you want to be. One of the favorite Jamaican bikinis represents the Jamaican flag. It comes in green, yellow and black, the Jamaican flag colors. It is made of lycra in many cases, and stretches just enough to fit the wearer’s form. It is the perfect suit for comfort and for showing Jamaican pride if you are a native or showing that you have visited Jamaica.

Even the Jamaican flag design may have variations. You can get a bikini with the top in the form of the flag in the national colors with the bottom being a solid black. You can also get the reverse or you can go with the entire bikini having the flag design. Even though the top is a string type of bikini, the bikini bottoms usually give full coverage on the bottom area as opposed to being thong type. If you are really set on the thong type bottoms, you may have to search harder, but they are possible to find. You can find the bikini in other materials as well. Some stores specialize in knit or crocheted bikinis. These can be readily found and are very comfortable.

Where to Purchase Jamaican Bikinis

Of course, as popular as the Jamaican bikini is, you will be able to find the bikinis for sale in many stores on the island. For those who don’t want to waste any valuable beach time shopping for the Jamaican bikini, they are also available for purchase online at numerous websites. When shopping online, be certain to order the exact size that you need as swimming attire is not returnable for sanitary reasons. For this purpose read all the reviews on that certain website so that you will know if the suits sold there run true to size or if they are smaller or larger than normal sizes.

After purchase you are ready to go to Jamaica or even the local pool in style. You will be guaranteed the attention from many people asking where you got the beautiful bikini. Even if you’ve never been to Jamaica, you can always say that you bought it on the island!

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