Korean Short Digi Perm

Considering a Korean short digi perm? Learn more about this hotrod Digi perm from Korea for short hair…

The Korean short digi perm refers to a permanent style of perming shorthair through the use of hot rods. The digital perm is created on short hair by using metal rods, which are heated with a temperature-regulating machine.

The machine has a digital display on it, which gives the whole process its name to identify and differentiate it from the other types of perms. The process of perming is very similar all over, but the digital perm name has been copyrighted by Paimore Co., which is a Japanese company.

Korean Short Hair Digital Perm Origins

At hair salons you can often hear stylists referring to the process as a hot perm, but the more technical name is digital perm. When you use a regular perm technique it incorporates a perm solution, but with a digital perm a different type of solution is combined with heat application. The short digital perm originated in Korea and has become popular not only in that country but also in Japan and other neighboring Asian countries.

Characteristics of the Digital Perm and Normal Perm

The use of heat in the digital perm basically helps to create a different texture and shape out of the waves in the hair. This is basically its most distinctive and differentiating characteristic when it comes to ditinguishing a digital perm from a normal perm.

The cold perm, which is the regular kind actually gives a wave that looks prominent on wet hair and falls loose when the hair is dry. The hair looks very moist with this perm.

When it comes to the digital perm it creates the most prominent wave on dry hair versus wet hair. So by using the hot curling iron people can create a dry yet curly version of the perm. Since it uses heat to seal the waves it is known as a hot perm.

Basically when using the Korean short digi perm the hair is thermally reconditioned through the use of chemicals and the same processing technique is used in the regular perm. However, the hair ends up looking shiny, smooth and soft after this procedure.

Styling the hair becomes very easy after the perm procedure is finished. It needs to be blow dried with a hair dryer while twisting the hair strands with your hand to curl them and finish off the style. It is a good idea to conduct this procedure on course hair because fine and straight hair does not respond very well to the technique. However if you do still want to try it out on straight hair then you must visit a salon that specializes in working on straight or fine hair.

Time Required for a Korean Short Digital Perm

This is a long and lengthy procedure, which cannot be rushed because the result depends on treating the hair for the right amount of time. The timing basically depends on the length of the hair and type along with the processes utilized by the salon.

Cost of the Korean Short Digital Perm

This procedure is considered more expensive than the regular perm and costs vary from salon to salon because it depends on the use of different machines or a combination of systems, which greatly affects the overall cost.

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