Korean Star Lee Hyo Ri

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The young South Korean singer Lee Hyori is one of the highest-paid female singers in the world. She was born on  May 10, 1979. She  started her singing career with a leading girl band from South Korea known as K-pop. Their versatile music and interesting songs garnered them popularity among a wide audience. She did eventually move on, however, to start work on her solo album. Her debut as a solo artist was highly successful and she received the local Artist of the Year award known as the prestigious Daesangs in South Korea.

As a young pop idol she was the oldest member and leader of the K-pop group. Their first single, known as Blue Rain, became an instant hit in Korea and their second song called To My Boyfriend catapulted them to new heights of stardom and popularity.

Branching Out As a Solo Artist

As the group launched their fourth album their singer went on to release her solo album by the end of 2003 with the title Stylish…E. Her album was so successful that she ended up winning seven awards for popularity. In South Korea she sold over 153 590 copies of her first music album and international sales are comparable to that figure.

She became so popular that her fans were dubbed as people suffering from Hyori Syndrome, as they took their fan following to manic heights. She also played the role as a female protagonist in the TV series Three Leaf Clover. Apart from that she has often co-hosted the Korean Music Festival in South Korea.

Scandals Associated with the Korean Star

Because she in the news constantly, a great deal of interest is shown in all activities of this Korean star. Since her clothing and choreography are very suggestive she was often compared to the American Britney Spears and, in fact, ended up being accused of plagiarism where her song Get YA was considered a rip-off of Britney’s song Do Somethin’. The following album released by her during that time suffered negative effects due to all the negative attention. It achieved lukewarm success in the music market and most of the promotions associated with it were halted.

By the end of November 2006, Korean singer and star Lee went on to sign up with a new record label, which is highly popular in South Korea and goes by the name of M-Net Entertainment. Her three-year contract was valued at 2.2 billion South Korean won, making her the highest paid female singer in all of South Korea.

She went on to star in another TV drama despite the failure of her first attempt on TV. That was followed by the release of her digital single, which was also the soundtrack of her TV serial. Slowly she started revamping her image by focusing more on her personality and songs like ballads and slow numbers rather than racy and fast paced songs. Due to her immense popularity she was chosen to endorse different brands like Samsung and Dole and, in fact, was the first Asian model for Calvin Klein’s Jeans representing the Pure Calvin Collection in Asia.

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