Landscape After The Korean War

Analyzing the Landscape after the Korean War? Learn more about the impact and aftermath of the Korean War on the global political landscape…

In the summer of 1950 North Korea aggressively ventured into  South Korean territory to attack the country’s sovereignty. It pulled the United States of America into a war away from its homeland and this was soon after the Allied Forces had triumphed in World War II. The three-year war which started in June 1950 and ran all the way through 1953 has given a shameful face in history to the communist troops due to their inhumane actions and violation of the Geneva Convention.

Unstable Landscape after The Korean War

Even though a cease-fire was arrived at, North Korea repeatedly attacked the Allied troops along with the citizens of South Korea following the end of the war and continues to do so today. Secret tunnels were dug into South Korea, American military personnel was abducted from the USS Pueblo which is an American vessel.

Furthermore, scores of civilians and military personnel have been abducted and murdered since the cease-fire in 1953. A long-range missile was actually launched in April 2009 in an attempt to cause fear and anger on a wide scale to South Korea and other nations.

Continued Aggression after the Korean War

North Korea has focused on its resources on creating military warfare equipment and as a result the development of the infrastructure of the country is drastically hindered. This limited vision and thirst for power by the rulers of North Korea has led to massive food shortages and man-made famine in the country.

The tunnel vision of the current ruler has resulted in massive starvation. There are no human rights groups and peasants are regarded as virtual slaves of the ruling elite and continue to live a destitute life.

The right of existence is nullified and the main aim of the regime is to harvest humans to carry out intensive labor till they have the capacity to do so. Once the civilian is unproductive, he’s discarded and replaced with stout and young Koreans.

Human Rights Violations

With such limited resources human rights are negligible. Medical treatment for both children and adults is nonexistent and often basic diseases end up killing the civilians in this country.

No human rights organizations or unmonitored foreigners are allowed to enter into North Korean territory. Any foreigner who enters the country with the aim of spreading the news of the horrible regime to the outside world is either abducted and reported missing or ends up dead.

Those who have managed to do so have done it under great stress and threat to their lives. Hospital supplies are negligible and most of the children are emaciated and emotionally depleted.

Concentration of Resources with the Elite

The drive for power and the high and mighty attitude of the elitist regime is responsible for the current state of North Korea. Luxury goods and basic facilities are available only to these rich and powerful people.

Although international communities send the maximum amount of food for the civilians it is not distributed to the deserving and no one has any idea who receives these donations.

Often countries have decided to stop aid completely, but the world at large cannot stop whatever little assistance they can give to the starving people of this country. However it seems that most of the humanitarian aid is sold off somewhere and you find delicacies like foreign steak available to the ruling elite.

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