Turkish Wedding Jewelry

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As with many other aspects of weddings in Turkey, customs regarding jewelry differ between areas and ethnicities. Wedding rings are not exchanged at the wedding ceremony, but rings are exchanged during the engagement party. Contrary to popular belief, married Turkish couples do not traditionally wear puzzle rings. Some couples may opt for puzzle rings to symbolize their union, but most choose standard wedding bands. The engagement ring given to the prospective bride in Western cultures is not part of Turkish tradition.

Turkish Gold Bracelets

Another Turkish wedding jewelry custom that is common throughout the country is presenting the bride with gold bracelets as gifts. These bracelets may be given to the bride during the engagement party, at the henna night celebration or during the wedding. Traditionally the bracelets are slipped onto the brides arm as she circulates among her party and wedding guests. Guests may compete with each other to present the most beautiful or valuable bracelet to the bride.

Evil Eye Charms

The evil eye is a powerful symbol in Turkish culture and an evil eye charm is believed to protect the wearer from harm. Both brides and grooms often opt to wear an evil eye brooch with their wedding regalia and these brooches are available at jewelry shops throughout Turkey. It is common for wedding favors to include blue and white glass evil eye charms as protection for the guests in attendance.

Turkish Gold Coins

While they are not technically considered jewelry, the gold coins that are traditionally offered as bridal gifts are available at jewelry shops. These coins are hung on a red silk ribbon with a pin and guests pin the coins to the bride’s sash or gown during the wedding festivities. Although common in Turkey, those attending Turkish weddings outside the country may have to seek out ethnic jewelers or order their gifts on the internet.

Turkish Wedding Tiaras

Tiaras, hair combs, necklaces and earrings are worn by brides throughout the world and Turkish brides are no exception. There are no special customs or rituals surrounding this jewelry and brides may choose any style they wish. Since Turkish brides favor Western style gowns, their jewelry usually resembles pieces worn by European and American brides. Rhinestones and pearls are frequently used to add sparkle to Turkish wedding jewelry.

Some religions and cultures have fairly rigid rules regarding the jewelry worn by brides, but brides in Turkey are free to choose the jewelry they prefer for their wedding. Turkish wedding jewelry is available through bridal stores, retail outlets and internet vendors and with such a large selection, every bride should find exactly the right jewelry to compliment her wedding dress.

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