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Love Story in Harvard is a 16-episode television drama in South Korea, which was broadcast during 2004. Not only was it popular in South Korea but it also became famous in other parts of Asia. However, the major drawback of the Korean drama Love Story in Harvard was the fact that the main actors playing the roles of the males used really bad English and were mocked by many viewers.

Storyline of the Korean drama Love Story in Harvard

This love story evolves at Harvard University and is focused on two students studying at Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School. Kim Hyun Woo is the law student played by Kim Rae Won, while Lee Soo In is the medical student played by Kim Tae Hee. An interesting fact about this television show is that the students are shown to be Harvard alumni but the program was filmed at the University of California and the University of Southern California in the city of Los Angeles California.

Basically it portrays three students and their lives at Harvard University. Too often we see a love story developed out of circumstances. This also seems to be just the case as these three South Korean are far away from their homeland and need to rely on each other for a sense of traditional and cultural familiarity. This leads to a love triangle developing between them where two of the male students in the law school Kim Hyun Woo and Hong Jung Min both are rivals in the classroom as well as for the affections of the medical student Lee Soo In.

The hard-working Jung Min is very dedicated as a student and soon becomes one of the favorites of the law school professor John H. Keynes. The role of the very stern law school professor is played by Frank Gorshin, who actually played the role of the Riddler during the 1960s in the Batman television drama. He is also an Emmy Award nominated actor. Woo struggles to cope with the workload and in the flight by the professor. However, he eventually works very hard and gains the respect of both his peers as well as his teachers. Eventually, he also falls in love with the young girl along with his rival and this sets the tone for the rest of the TV program where they constantly battle to keep at the top of the class as well as win the love of their life.

Twists and Turns in The Plot of Love Story in Harvard

The young Soo-In actually starts liking Hyun Woo and they spend a night together after which she deserts him because, being a third-year medical student, she gets appointed to an organization that provides medical aid to Third World country patients.

From here onwards the story shifts back to South Korea where Hyun Woo now resides. Even though Jung Min stays back in America, he wants go to to South Korea during the legal case. At this time incidentally Soo-In visits South Korea on a vacation and then they all meet up again.

Unfortunately as it turns out the young girl actually has leukemia and the case that both men are trying revolves around her and the company that caused her to fall sick. Through many trials and tribulations they eventually end up together and go on to have a family with three children.

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