Lovers Korean Drama

Watching the famed Lovers Korea drama? Learn more about this story, which tells about a love story growing between two people from different worlds…

The Korean drama broadcasted by MBC Drama during the year 2006 follows the lives of two of the lead characters called Ha Kang Jae and Yoon Mi Joo. They are two different people and have very different backgrounds but end up falling in love with each other.

The Roles of the Cast of Lovers Korean Drama

Kim Jung Eun the protagonist plays the role of Yoon Mi Joo who is a plastic surgeon. A very feisty and lively character, she plays the daughter of an old man who runs an orphanage in the countryside. She works hard in order to support her family and dreams of starting  a hospital of her own one day.

As fate would have it she ends up saving the life of Lee Seo Jin who plays the role of Kang Jae. This person was injured by a stab wound during an attack. Over time as she is treating him she becomes very fond of him. The role is played by Lee Seo Jin, he takes on the character of Ha Kang Jae. This character is shown as an orphan who was given refuge by the gangland boss of that area known by the name of President Kang.

Growing up under his influence from the age of 16 he quickly rises through this mafia-like organization and eventually becomes a trusted confidant of the leader. Since he is an unassuming character who does not want personal benefit and fame, he is disliked by the other gang members who continuously plot to destroy him.

The role of Park Yoo Kin is played by Kim Kyu Ri very adeptly. Their first encounter involves a terrible skirmish where he threatens her to ensure that her father’s debt will be paid in full. However, they end up being together for more than six years and then Mi Joo is introduced as the love interest.

Jung Chan. plays the role of the son of President Kang. This son of the gang leader is called Kang Sae Yeon. A hatred for his father develops in him due to the neglect of him and favoritism towards Kang Jee as the more trusted and capable person. He is also disturbed by losing even the woman he loved to an orphan boy.
Developing Storyline and Scenes of Lovers Korean Drama

Kang Jae is portrayed as a gangster responsible for money laundering and turning the black money of the gang leader into legitimate business. Mi Joo is an ethical plastic surgeon who refuses to work on socialites who want to tamper with what nature has gifted them with.

Her mother often tries in vain to set her up with Sae Yeon. He tries to woo her in many ways by shopping and dining. However, she thinks he is the evil boy who ditched her pregnant sister and tries to beat him up.

The story revolves around the escapades of the gangsters. The plastic surgeon is slowly drawn into the underworld as the drama evolves and tries to pull away from her love interest.

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