Canadian Geese Control

Canadian Geese are great…until you get a gaggle of them frequenting your property and leaving their droppings all over the place. Read our guide to find the best methods of Canadian Geese Control…

It is illegal to shoot or kill Canadian Geese outside of hunting season and approved hunting areas, but there are some non-lethal ways to make these birds leave and stay off your property.

No Feeding Policy

The reason Canadian Geese and any other animal enters an area is because there is an abundant food supply. This may come from a local pond or lake or from the hand of humans. If you want to control the number of Canadian Geese on your property, your first step is to make sure that other people are not feeding the geese. Post signs disallowing this and ask people to leave if you notice them disregarding this policy. With less food being given to them, the geese will sooner or later be forced to move to a more fruitful location.

Get a Dog

Border Collies are a great way to remove unwanted geese from your property and to control Canadian Geese from migrating there in the future. If you get a Border Collie or two, they will run your property, chasing the geese and generally making life too stressful for them to stay in the area. The great thing about Border Collies, compared to other breeds of dogs, is that they hardly ever actually attack the geese. They have no interest in harming them or eating them. They just think it’s great fun chasing them, and the geese think that it’s no fun at all.

Canadian Geese Decoys

If you’d rather not get a live dog, the next best thing for controlling Canadian Geese populations are visual and audio decoys.  The audio decoys are often wolf or coyote howls playing at intervals on a sound speaker. Geese hear this and believe that a predator is nearby, forcing them to leave. You can also buy visual indicators of nearby predators. Some people use lifelike statues of coyotes or wolves. Others use stuffed geese and position them in a dead-looking position on the ground or floating on the water. This might be a little grisly for you, but it does the job splendidly. When geese see two or more of these supposed corpses, they will believe that there is a dangerous predator in the area and will not risk staying on your property. Of course, the best decoys are those used in conjunction with the others. A coyote statue with an audio howling loop and a couple of deceased geese look-alikes scattered around the premises will do the most convincing job.

Chemical Repellents

If the dog and decoy ideas are a bit much for you, you could always try a chemical repellentyou’re your Canadian Geese control efforts. Spraying Methyl Anthranilate or Anthraquinone on your grass can prevent geese from wanting to frequent your property.

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