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SBS content includes a variety of television programs that are categorized as drama, entertainment, documentary as well as animation. It is basically a digital media broadcasting organization. Established in 1990 the channel has grown into a complete television network and radio programming center.
Global Reach of the Local SBS Korea English

The SBS Korea English website allows global access to their network for English speakers. Divided into the international incorporation and the Pan Asia network, SBS Korea focuses on delivering television programs all over the globe to Koreans as well as other people interested in the programs. With three stations based in Washington, Los Angeles and New York it covers the Western region. The Pan Asia network focuses on Tokyo, Taiwan, Indonesia, China through Beijing and central China along with Paris in Europe.

SBS Korea English Corporate Divisions

There are different departments that handle business queries ranging from PR, international relations, content sales as well as animation sales and publishing along with merchandising. The individual business divisions allow for the purchase of content for different media, such as broadband, mobile, digital content, web based and IPTV content.

SBS Korea English Channel Overview

The most popular channel is SBS Channel 6, which is the terrestrial channel available all over the South Korean region. It focuses on providing content related to the news, television serials, sports and Korean films. Apart from that there are different entertainment programs and documentaries sponsored by the TV channel, which are aired on it according to the schedule.

This dynamic network continues to evolve and adapt to the latest trends and closely follows the demands of its viewer base. That has been the main reason for its success and acceptance, which has spurred rapid growth in the last two decades.

There are separate radio channels 107.7 MHz called Power FM and Love Fm, which is 103.5 MHz. The former one focuses on music from the beginning of the day for commuters while the latter delivers heart warming story for its listeners.

Another cable and satellite channel provides the best entertainment and drama serial collection on Korean television. The SBS Drama as different popular television drama Like Stairway to Heaven, Save the Last Dance, The Harmonium in My Memory and other popular Korean dramas. UTV is the channel focusing entirely on entertainment programs like the Late Night Show, Looking for Laughter, The Amazing People, Entertainment Weekly as well as The Truth Game. The sports channel is actually the only sports channel and was the first one to be broadcasted all over Korea. All the global sporting events are covered and relayed on the SBS Korea English Sports Channel. From the World Cup games to American football along with the Olympic Games in the summer and winter, the coverage is extensive. There is also an exclusive channel for golf coverage by the SBS Korea Broadcasting Network for full focus on that sport and has a large viewer base.

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