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Looking for USAF Photos 1950s Korea? Discover unique 1950s Korean USAF photos in different archives and books on the ill-fated Korean War…

There are a variety of resources available online and in print, which offers a collection of Korean War Photos. From the USAF 1950s Korean photos to the different army regiments, it is possible to find pictures from the Korean War era ranging from 1950 to 1953.

Pre-war Images of Significance

One of the most intriguing photographs represents the participants at the Potsdam Conference held in July 1945 by the Allies who were successful in getting the Soviet Union on board during the Japanese occupation of Korea. Following this conference the Soviet Union committed to enter North Korea.

The invasion by the Soviet troops led to the division of South and North Korea along the famed 38th parallel. The photograph commemorating the event is part of the U.S. Signal Corps collection.

Seen in the image shot in Moscow are the British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin; Soviet Foreign Minister, V.M. Molotov and US Secretary of State James F. Byrnes. The three countries signed the charter for the establishment of a four-power commission to impose joint rule in Korea. However the entire commission was undermined when the Soviets invaded Korea and subsequently set up a communist ruled society in the north.

USAF and US Army 1950s Photos Korea

Another beautiful photograph captures the arrival of the famous Task Force Smith during its landing near Osan at the Taejon rail station. Taken on 5 July, 1950 right up to the American Independence Day this fresh force was comprised mostly of teenagers and numbered approximately half a battalion. The Defense Department photograph shows a group of determined soldiers standing alone and facing a large tank force along a North Korean division.

A devastating image of US bombs being dropped by the USAF is one of the well-known USAF photos from 1950s in Korea. In early July the railway bridges in Seoul were blown up. Without any warning the South Koreans blew up the highway bridge on the morning of 28th of June and unfortunately that resulted in the death of many South Korean soldiers and civilians during the stampede. The photograph is archived by the U.S. Air Force photo as part of the USAF photos 1950s Korea collection.

Also part of the USAF photos 1950s Korea collection is the image of a marine air-observer team guiding a Marine Corsair on a course of to attack a hill that was the stronghold for the enemy. It pays tribute to the ‘black Corsairs’ who were known for their precise strike on targets and constant support to the forward units.

During the summer of 1950 another North Korean offensive was launched and a beautiful image by the US Air Force shows the strafing of an enemy T34 tank by an American F-80 jet and also covers a jeep on the main road along with other vehicles and troops flooding a village.

There are also many gruesome images showing the bodies of US Marines frozen during the winter after they had been killed during the North Korean offensive. Citizens from South Korea damaged by the war and shown starving are also frozen in time with the images that make up the collections of the US Defense Department, United States Navy and United States Army along with the United States Air Force.

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