Mexican Baby Blankets

Looking for the most comfortable yet cutest baby blanket? Read our guide for more facts and information Mexican baby blankets…

Baby blankets are an absolute must for your little one to have a comfortable nights sleep. You need a baby blanket which is available in soft materials, colours and designs to ensure sweet dreams. Mexican blankets meet all these essential needs which make them a favourite among parents.

Guatemalan or Mexican?

Their material is extremely soft material which provides utmost comfort to your baby. The authentic handmade blankets are often made in villages mainly in Guatemala as opposed to Mexico, from where they are imported.

There are many varieties of Mexican blankets available in the market. However the Mexican cotton blanket is best suited for your baby. These are made from acrylic cotton and polyester blend. They usually come in small sizes, measuring approximately 72’’ x 24’’ which are perfect for the little ones.

Parents can also choose from amongst the wide array of colours available. The cotton blankets are also the most affordable and can be bought at wholesale rates online.

Customized Blankets

The latest trend is to customize your baby’s blankets with a personalized message, the baby’s name or any text or picture that you prefer.

However you do not need to be worried about the quality of the blankets as now you can customize Mexican baby blankets as well. Websites such as and offer over 110 Mexican style baby blankets which can be personalized based on your choices. The prices depend on the size of the blanket as well as the level of customization based on your needs.

No matter what your budget, choose a soft, snugly Mexican baby blanket so that your baby sleeps well.

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