Warrior Korean Movie

Want to know about Warrior the Korean movie? Read ahead and learn more about the epic tale of nine Koryo warriors who play an integral part in the Warrior Korean movie…

Warrior the Korean movie became an instant hit when it was released in the year 2001. This epic adventure focuses on the ill-fated story of nine talented Koryo warriors from Korea.

Production Team of Warrior Korean Movie

Director by renowned Korean moviemaker Kim Sung-Su and produced by the team of Cho Min-Hwan and Zhang Xia, this Korean movie Warrior is best known for its lucid and memorable shot of a beheading. Although comparisons have been drawn between Warrior and the movie Seven Samurai’s by Akira Kurosawa and Saving Private Ryan by American director Steven Spielberg, the movie stands on its own with an amazing message contained in an action movie with its own soul.

Cast for the Warrior Korean Movie

This great film reviewed many times by local and international critics had received many accolades for its outstanding production and turned out to be a very costly production, which was well worth in terms of delivering classic performances by leading cast members.

The cast of the movie includes leading Korean actors and actresses who have proven their talents in earlier productions, and who went on to superstardom after this production.
Some of the actors and actresses who played the lead roles include Jung Woo Sung, Zhang Ziyi and Yu Rong Guang along with Joo Jin Mo and Ahn Sung Gi.

Warrior – The Korean Movie, Storyline

The story of this epic movie clearly depicts the ravages of war. The beautiful landscapes of the horizon and sweeping images are shown briefly before they are covered with the blood of innocent victims and helpless participants in the war.

Placed in 1375 in China, this epic adventure focuses on the deteriorating relationship between Korea and the remnants of the Ming Dynasty as a result of the destruction of the Mongols.

Matters reach a critical point when a diplomat from Korea is sent to China and arrested along with his entourage under charges of being a spy. The Korean nationals that are sent to a remote desert for imprisonment and are actually Koryo warriors.

Even though they managed to escape they realize that many complications arise due to their failure to achieve their mission of spying on Chinese Ming forces. Their return home as failures would be problematic, but staying on in China would lead to certain death upon their capture.

Developing Storyline of Warrior

However, as fate would have it they come across one of the Ming princess who has been captured by the Mongols. She is played by the attractive Korean actress Zhang Ziyi. In order to achieve their freedom from the Ming rulers they decide to save her life and get their chance to return home to Korea. A series of escapades follow with their daring encounters with the Mongols to save the princess and return her to safety in Nanjing.

During that time the Mongols under the vigilant directions of a powerful warlord leader chase them. The brutal warfare in this epic film concentrates on the battles of the Koryo warriors against the Mongols and specifically the final bloodbath. Extensive detail has been afforded to the development of the characters in this film and there is a fine balance between courage and bloodshed making it an interesting view.

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