Chinese Medicine Herbs Amyloidosis

Interested in Chinese medicine herbs for amyloidosis? Find out about the Chinese herbs that are used to treat the disease.

Amyloidosis is actually a group of diseases that develop as a result of the build up of a particular protein known as amyloid in the tissues and organs. This build up can take place in one organ or the entire system with the passage of time. The Chinese have made use of certain herbs in order to treat this problem

Popular Chinese medicine herbs for amyloidosis

The kind of herbs that are effective in fighting amyloidosis are those that are rich in flavonoids. These are plant compounds that have the natural ability to combat the damage done to the body by free radicals and the process of oxidation as well as inflammation. In some cases Chinese herbs have provided complete treatment for the disease and in other cases they have been used to support standard medical care.

The bark of the French maritime pine is a popular Chinese herb known to be potent in flavonoids. Commercially it is available in a product that goes by the name of Pycnogenol. This herbal formula is made from the water extract of the plant. The plant is native to the coastal south west region of France. Pycnogenol is endowed with oligomeric proanthocyanidins. It also contains a number of beneficial bioflavonoids such as epicatechin, catechin, taxifolin and phenolic fruit acids.

Gingko biloba amyloidosis treatment

Gingko biloba is one of the most popular Chinese medicine herbs. This herb is a potent source of flavonoids and has been prescribed for the treatment of various diseases including amyloidosis. The fact that Gingko acts as a powerful antioxidant makes it an effective herb for the treatment of amyloid deposits.

This unique herb has no close relative in the plant kingdom. It is native to the Zhejiang province of China and is one of the oldest known species to man. The curative strength of this particular herb lies in its leaves. The herb has been observed to be highly effective against different kinds of age related problems such as depression, memory loss, disorientation, headaches, tinnitus, vertigo and the more serious diseases like Alzheimer’s. The herb boosts the circulation of blood in the body while acting like an antioxidant as well. This popular herb is now easily available in the market.

Types of amyloidosis and their treatment

There are three major types of systemic amyloidosis and the above mentioned Chinese herbal remedies are effective against them all. The three are Primary amyloidosis, familial hereditary amyloidosis and secondary amyloidosis.

Chinese herbs are however most effective against localized amyloidosis which is associated with the process of aging. Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease are conditions associated with localized amyloidosis and the above mentioned Chinese medicine herbs can help to combat these problems.

Men are more vulnerable to develop localized amyloidosis after crossing the age of fifty. Certain biological inefficiencies in the body such as chronic infections and inflammatory diseases can also give rise to localized amylodosis. Nonetheless Chinese medicine herbs offer an all natural way to boost the healing process along with standard medication.

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