Alan Makovsky Foreign Policy Turkey

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As the name implies, the Alan Makovsky foreign policy is the brainchild of Alan Makovsky.  Makovsky is a senior staff member on the U. S. House Committee on International Relations, and founding director of the Turkish Research Center Program located in Washington, D. C. He is considered to be most influential when it comes to information and research regarding Turkey.

The Turkish Research Center Program’s goal is to analyze trends of foreign regulations in the country and how these may have an impact on both the interests of the United States and relation between the two countries. This is primarily done through the process of engaging policymakers in various discussions about the political, diplomatic and strategic environment of Turkey.

Insight on the Alan Makovsky Foreign Policy

Alan Makovsky foreign policy focuses on strong perception about continuous decline in relations between the United States and Turkey. Although Turkey remained a strong ally of the United States, the Iraq War was greeted with strong opposition within the country, particularly the concern about allowing U. S. troops to invade Iraq by going through Turkey. Makovsky attributed this to the Turkish AKParty, which was predominantly comprised of religious Muslims. This eventually resulted in Turkey’s recalling its U. S. ambassador and cooling of ties between the two countries.

Through Alan Makovsky foreign policy, efforts have once again begun to restore the relations between the two countries. This foreign policy played an important role in the historic visit of U. S. President Barack Obama to Turkey and subsequent normalization of diplomatic ties between the two states.

Importance of Alan Makovsky Foreign Policy

As mentioned, Alan Makovsky foreign policy is considered to be an important factor in restoration of political and diplomatic ties between the United States and Turkey. Turkey had recently announced its need for transatlantic partners as well as the difficulties that they are currently facing in order to achieve this. On top of that, diplomatic ties between the United States and Turkey have been on a steady decline over the past five years. Alan Makovsky foreign policy is now considered as a model foreign policy that the United States should have with other Muslim-majority countries.

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