Lohman Turkey Calls

Want to buy a Lohman Turkey Call? Read on to find out the different options available for the Lohman Turkey Calls…

By using the Lohman Turkey calls you can get a large number of toms to successfully respond to you during your turkey hunt. One of the better options is to use the Lohman gun mount turkey call with its wonderful sounds. It allows you to create similar sounds and tones like those of a wooden box call.

This box call with a gun mount features excellent specifications that allow it to deliver consistently good sounds in any weather possible. Should you buy the Lohman Turkey call known as the the Sassy Hen you will be amazed at how this compact sized box call can give off perfect turkey sounds. It is field tested and its lockdown mechanism allows you to use it very quietly.

If you want to produce a yelping sound then why not use the Lohman mouth yelper Turkey call? This product provides you multi-adjustable turkey calls, which include clucks, cutting noises, loud yelps as well as the hen’s kee-kee sound. Its multiple adjustment feature requires you to just blow through it to produce the sounds required.

For experienced hunters you can get three kinds of Sidewinder Diaphragm Turkey calls in one packet. It is extremely user-friendly and you can easily create the realistic sounds required during a turkey hunt. The design has been field tested by a hunting professional and champion named Ricky Joe Bishop.

Yelpers Designed by Lohman for Hunting

You can also utilize the Lohman mouth yelper which is also a handsomely designed multi-adjustable turkey call. It helps you to create some fabulous clucks, cutts and yelping sounds as well. You do this by blowing through the mouth of the multi-diaphragm device to produce the sound.

Hawk Screamer Lohan Turkey Call

Another interesting piece developed by the manufacturer is called the Lohman Hawk Screamer Turkey call locator. It has also been tested in the field and produces a very shrill screech that sounds like a hawk and scares the poor gobbler out of its hiding place.

Double Thunder Turkey Box Call

Besides that you can buy a massive Double Thunder Turkey Box call, which features very high pitched raspy notes produced from a double chamber system on one side and very mature sounding and deep calls from the other side of its chamber. This beautifully crafted device is made out of gunstock walnut and has wild turkey inlays designed on top along with some smart checker designing.

Lohman Psycho Friction Turkey Calls

If you would prefer to use basic friction calls you can check out the Lohman Turkey call known as the Psycho Friction Turkey call. This device actually lets you make the sound of an entire flock in one go with just one call.

It has a glass surface on top and makes high-pitched yelping and cutting sounds. At the same time, however, you can press the pushbutton which is built-in to the device to produce very soft and subtle yelps and clucks as well as purrs. The striker is adjustable and can also be tuned to your requirements.

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