Electric Turkey Fryers

Want to buy electric turkey fryers? Read on to explore the variety in the market and find the perfect electric turkey fryer for your requirements…

The conventional apparatus used for the purpose of deep frying a turkey is now available in an electric form. With the electric turkey fryer you can prepare a finger licking turkey meal in much lesser time as compared to a rotisserie grill or an oven.

You will be able to find many different manufacturers producing electric turkey fryers today. Some of the best products are mentioned below:

Turf N’ Surf Electric Turkey Fryer Plus

This is a master piece creation developed and designed by the company Masterbuilt. It has a 28 quart turkey pot that has been given an aluminum lining. It also has a built in adjustable thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature. The manufacturers have ensured the safety of the consumer by providing them with a safety shutoff button as well as a timer for added convenience.

Also included in this particular model is a drain valve. You will also find a perforated non-stick slik coat basket along with a biling handle and draining clip as part of your electric turkey fryer. As your turkey is ready the illuminated on/off switch automatically turns on and indicates that it is ready. The electric system works using a stainless steel heating element and is topped by a glass lid. Irrespective of how hot the contents may get the cool grip handle ensures you can easily hold the fryer without fearing a burn along with which the lifting hook provides added convenience.

King Kooker Turkey Fryer

King Kooler is another popular name when it comes to electric turkey fryers. This particular model features a 28 quart cooking pot. The cooker is portable and can easily be used outdoors for boiling, steaming and frying. The appliance comes embedded with a 38,000-BTU cast burner. The large size aluminum pot has the capacity to fit in an 18 pound turkey ensuring you can cook large size meals.

Amongst the unique features of this product is the flame protective wind guard which makes it a very good electric fryer to use outdoors. The machine comes with a listed LP hose along with a regulator and has a type-1 connection. You will also find a deep fry thermometer to be fitted on the cooker along with a digital timer. Inside the cooker is a turkey rack and a lifting hook on the outside provides for easy lifting. The makers of the product are offering a one year warranty for their electric turkey fryer.

The above mentioned are just some examples of the kind of electric turkey fryers that you will be able to find out there. There are many other brands; hence it is advised that you compare the prices and features of the different kinds of electric turkey fryers available out there. Furthermore you will be able to find them in different sizes giving you the freedom to choose one which best meets your requirements.


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