Second Hand Mobile Homes in Spain

Want to buy secondhand mobile homes in Spain? Read on for facts and info on buying second hand mobile home units in Spain…

If you are looking for a cost effective way of acquiring property in Spain then you might want to explore the possibility of buying a second hand mobile home in the region. The second hand mobile home market is an extensive market in Spain. It consists of a wide variety of mobile homes developed by leading holiday companies across the United Kingdom.

The latest mobile homes are fully equipped with electric lighting on the inside as well as the outside. They also have a built in kitchens that are equipped with a four ring cooker along with a grill and a refrigerator. Some of the high standard mobile homes also have microwave ovens as well as dishwashers.

You will be able to find mobile homes that have been designed with families in mind. Among the features of such mobile homes are door guards that have been fitted across the patio doors. Pan rails have also been fitted around the cooking area to provide safety. Electric nightlights and dimmer switches have also been incorporated in order to accommodate children’s needs.

The second hand mobile home market in Spain usually consists of units that are not more than five seasons old. When you are looking to invest in buying a mobile home you should keep in mind that you should not invest in any unit that has been in use for more than five seasons. Ideally you will want to get unit from a first-hand user. However you will be able to find certain companies that deal in providing all sorts of mobile home units to interested individuals.

It is important to keep in mind that a mobile home that you buy will not include a campsite placement. In fact, most companies that offer mobile homes for sale in Spain can not and will not help you to find a suitable campsite. They will however arrange for the delivery of your unit to the campsite of your choice. The delivery charges may vary according to the distance over which the unit has to be transported.

The most popular size for a mobile homes is 28’ x 10’. These are relatively small, which makes them easy to renovate and extremely cost effective. Most tour operators offer this kind of accommodation to families looking to stay in mobile homes during their visit to Spain.

The second category of mobile homes is the Jubilee family. These fall within the midrange in size and offer 2 feet of extra living space to families. Furthermore, they have superior quality interior fittings and their layout is a semi-open plan. Such a mobile home has the capacity to sleep up to seven people. It comes complete with two bedrooms, a dining room and a conventional corridor kitchen.

The luxury range of mobile homes, the largest in size, features three bedrooms and pitched roofs. They feature an attractive vaulted ceiling and offer 20% extra living space.

Although prices among the three different categories and their subcategories are likely to vary considerably, you should be able to pick them up at bargain prices from the secondhand mobile home market in Spain.

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