Greenberg Turkey

Want to learn about the delicious smoked Greenberg Turkey? Learn how to order and enjoy the gourmet smoked Greenberg Turkeys…

The Greenberg Turkey smoked turkey recipe has been enjoyed by generations in Texas. It was created in 1940 by a gentleman who used to smoke turkeys for family and friends to enjoy. The business was initiated after his first order was requested by a family in Dallas.

The traditional method of creating smoked Greenberg Turkey has not changed over the years. It is seasoned with a secret family recipe which incorporates different spices and is then smoked very slowly on a hickory flame.

Since the Greenberg Turkey is shipped out to customers the family takes great care in monitoring the business on a daily basis. The unique flavor of the turkey has made it a favorite with customers and records show around 200,000 turkeys are sold during the holiday season alone every year.

Not only can the Greenberg Turkey be enjoyed on its own as a succulent main course, but leftovers can be utilized to create jambalaya or sandwiches to be enjoyed to the last bite. It’s very easy to place your order online during the weekdays and have the turkey delivered to your house or to those of family or friends.

How to Order a Greenberg Turkey

You can order the turkey by regular mail or airmail depending on your location and distance from Eastern Texas. Many people wonder if it is safe to have the turkey shipped, but an important point to note is that the Greenberg turkeys are frozen when they are shipped out to the destination. You can purchase them in weight ranges from six to 15 pounds. You can place the order for a specific weight and depending on the availability it will be shipped off to the required destination.

Normally you require half a pound of turkey for average eaters and this is a good rule of thumb to follow to figure out how much meat you require. The smoked turkeys start at 6 pounds weight and can serve a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 18 people, making this highly economical at less than $30.

It is best to place an order as well in advance because if you want a specific size you may not be able to get it as the holiday season approaches and stocks diminish.

How to Treat a Greenberg Turkey

Once you have received a delivery of a Greenberg turkey you should refrigerate it immediately and you can keep it there for 6 to 8 days before use so that it thaws completely. However if you do not plan to use it within one week then you must freeze it in order to prevent contamination and retain its quality till serving time.

Greenberg turkey is best eaten chilled or at room temperature. You simply have to slice it before serving. In order to serve the turkey warm you should heat it after placing it in an oven bag. Make small slits on top of the bag to release heat and trapped steam and then place it in an oven at 300°F for approximately 6 minutes per pound.

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