Infrared Turkey Cooker

Want to learn how to use the Infrared Turkey Cooker? Discover how you can deep fry turkey in infrared turkey cookers…

The latest gadget for deep frying turkey is called the infrared turkey cooker. This handsome device is a deep fryer which can actually be used without oil! It looks like a deep frying vat, but that is the only similarity to the fryer. The roaster is powered by propane and has black steel on the exterior and stainless steel on the interior.

This unit does take a longer time to cook the turkey compared to conventional deep fryers. It takes approximately 9 minutes of cooking per pound and that lets you prepare a 16 lb. turkey in around 2 1/2 hours, which is still faster than an oven. The beauty of the cooker is that the poultry can be stuffed and seasoned before it is placed into the vat.

What Does the Infrared Turkey Cooker Do?

The cooker uses a natural seeming heat, similar to that emitted by the sun.  It starts cooking the meat from the outside and all the way through the center of the flesh. The taste of the turkey cooked in an infrared turkey cooker is extremely juicy and the meat ends up moist and succulent in all its parts.

Meat becomes very tender and delicious when you use this method of cooking. You can also drop in some wood chips or pellets to smoke the bird and flavor it. Apart from this, the sizzling steak sound indicates the meat searing to a golden brown and cooking through in the few hours it takes for the bird to get ready.

Recipe for Infrared Turkey Cooker

You should use an unsmoked turkey that is not self-basting. It should be thawed completely and washed after removing the giblet bag from the cavity. Rinse and pat dry on the inside and out with paper towels. Then marinate the turkey in a good brine solution overnight so that the meat becomes soft and succulent when roasted.

You can use a large bucket and dissolve one cup of salt per gallon of water and then add in apple juice, orange juice, and one cup of sugar per gallon of water, mixing thoroughly. Next add cloves and cinnamon sticks. Put in the turkey and marinate it overnight while it is kept in the fridge. When you are ready to cook it, drain the bird thoroughly and pat it dry. Bring the meat to room temperature for around half an hour and then prepare to roast it.

The grill should be heated enough to maintain the temperature at 350 degrees F for 3 hours. Use different woods on the coal to add a smoky flavor. Stick a meat thermometer in the turkey thigh and place it breast side up. Cover and cook well and then let it rest at room temperature for half hour before you carve the tender and soft meat. Your guests will be as delighted as you are with the soft and amazing-tasting meat.


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