Painted Turkey Feathers

Want to collect painted turkey feathers? Find out how you can select beautiful painted turkey feathers for your collection…

According to ancient native Indian traditions, feathers are considered to embody the spirit and power of the bird that they belong to. In past centuries feathers were utilized to create headdresses for Indian warriors and chiefs. These were utilized to commemorate their brave acts and confer on them a high and respectful status in society. In ancient times the feathers were decorated with paint, artwork and beads to magnify their importance and embellish their beauty.

Popularity of Painted Turkey Feathers

Today hand-painted turkey feathers have become a unique art on their own. These beautifully designed feathers are marvels of design. There are artists like Cindy Allgyer specializing in replicating wildlife and scenes from nature onto different feathers. They will look beautiful in your home or vacation cabin, bringing the beauty of nature and its wildlife indoors.

These custom-designed feathers can be created to suit your individual requirements if you have something specific in mind. Or you can select from the original designs by artists who specialize in creating these unique pieces of art.

The creation of painted turkey feathers is truly a beautiful combination of nature and human skill. It takes a special measure of patience and skill to create beautiful landscapes on the glossy feathers of a wild turkey.

Most of the creators are small outfits that aim to deliver exceptional quality of artwork to their clients. It is considered a spiritual journey to create these beautiful pieces of art, which are meant to decorate homes, lodges and cabins for years to come.

Since this kind of art really feeds the artists soul it is generally pursued by people who like to encourage the renewal of the human spirit and contribute positively to their society and community at large. This can impart a really wonderful to you as well, especially when you commission a piece of painted turkey feathers from an artist who aims to help the needy and is committed to improving society.

Most of these artists think of painting as a healthy activity and have learned through trial and error how to blend wonderful combinations of colors onto the turkey feathers. It takes a good degree of practice to create a sharp image on the small feather base area.

Images of wildlife such as bears, deer and mountain lion heads to small cabins, fly fishing and riverbanks, all inspired by nature’s bounties, may find their way onto the feathers. The beauty of wild turkey painted feathers is that they are small in size and make for a wonderful collector’s item or personal gift to a loved one or friends.

Wild turkey feather paintings are created on feathers that have been specially treated to retain the paint for a long time to come. The finished product is glossed so that the varnish protects the paint from peeling off and the artwork is preserved.

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