Thanksgiving Turkey Quilt Block

Want to craft a unique Thanksgiving turkey quilt block? Learn the technique that you can use to make Thanksgiving turkey quilt blocks and other designs on quilts…

Starting off with a Thanksgiving turkey quilt block will allow you to experiment with different designs later on. Each time you start out a quilting project you will actually become the creator of unique designs. The main reason for this is that you can use the fabric of your choice and decide the placement on the quilt. Besides that you will actually be able to decide the kind of finishing that you want on your quilt which will make it unique as well as original at the same time.

Basics of the Thanksgiving Turkey Quilt Block Technique

The Thanksgiving turkey quilt block can be created by using simple mathematics which pertains to geometry. This allows you to start off the project by making different squares which will be joined together.

Decide the color that you want to utilize for creating your design for the quilt. A good idea is to use Thanksgiving colors of red, yellow, mustard and blue to craft this project.

Placing the Fabric to Create Squares and Triangles

You can decide the kind of pattern that will evolve by placing the squares in alternate rows or columns to create a checkerboard pattern. The smaller squares should be 1 inch in size and the larger square should be a 4×4 inch piece which makes it very easy to create your pattern in a symmetrical manner.

First and foremost, the basic design is a checkerboard pattern which is created out of alternative fabrics of 1 inch sized square pieces placed in rows to create one large square out of two fabric colors which would be a total of 4 x 4″ in size.

This can be changed by splitting each of the small squares into half by using a triangle of each fabric to create a square. This way you will have one square which has two colors in it. Next these small squares are alternated to create larger rows of a square which has smaller squares of alternate colors. Here each of the small squares will have half an inch of one color and half an inch of the other colored fabric to create the 1 inch square out of two triangular pieces. These will go on to build the same 4×4 inches larger square.

The third kind of patch that is created uses two colors of fabric to create four triangles in the 1 inch square. This can basically be created out of a 1 inch fabric of one color being layered on top by two triangles of another color. Therefore the remaining base fabric will peep out like alternate triangles in the square.

It is advisable to cut out 1 inch squares of fabric with slightly larger areas on the side for you to allow stitching margins. Once you’ve decided which type of squares you want to create using this technique, you can map out a design on paper and start stitching the pieces together.

Building a Thanksgiving Turkey Square Block

The effect of the Thanksgiving turkey block is achieved by folding the edges of fabric on the edges of the quilt to make them look like turkey feathers which are fanning out. This can be achieved by folding in the fabric which is stitched on top to let the base fabric show through. This would mean that you will have squares in the center of your design but the edges will have triangular shaped boxes which will look like the feathers are fanning out to create an image of the turkey fan on the quilt.

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