Royal Palm Turkey

Want to learn more about the royal palm turkey? Read on for facts and info to discover the characteristics of royal palm turkeys…

The royal palm turkey is regarded as being the most attractive variety in the family of turkeys. It is relatively smaller in size and is believed to be the first birds to have the unique palm color pattern which is a mix of bronze, black and Narragansett.

This unique species was discovered in the Americas during the 1920s. Since then much effort has been put into maintaining and stabilizing the consistency of the palm color variety found in the royal palm turkey as well as its other characteristics. Initially, such color varieties would only occur out of coincidence when turkeys of different colors were bred together. However, it took many years to perfect their color markings.

The official recognition of the royal palm turkey came in 1971 by the American Poultry Association. There is a relatively similar variety found in Europe known as the Pied, Black-laced White or the Crollwitz. The Europeans have been aware of this variety since back in the 1700s.

Royal Pal Turkeys Characteristics

The royal palm turkey has a white base body with a very sharp and contrasting metallic black color on the edge of its feathers. It has a black saddle on its white base body which creates a very eye catchy contrast.

The tail of the turkey is pure white with bands of black in the center and white edging at the end. Similarly, the coverts on the turkey are white having a black band running through and the white wings also have a narrow strip of black running across its length. The turkey is white in color from the breast region. The exposed part of every feather has a black band which creates a pattern similar to that found on the scales of fish.

One of the most distinctive features of the royal palm turkey is its head which is red and bluish white in color. This is complimented by a light horn beak and a set of light brown eyes. The throat and wattles of the bird are red to bluish white like the head, whereas the shanks and toes are deep pink in color. The royal palm turkey also sports a black beard.

Royal palms are known for being extremely active and thrifty turkeys. They are good flyers and excellent foragers. The average weight for the royal palm turkey is about 16 pounds whereas the young hens can weigh in at 10 pounds each. Because of its unique appearance the Royal Palm turkey has become a show breed often used for exhibition purposes.

The breed does not have the same commercial potential, as do the other varieties of turkeys. However, it is a popular bird on small farm lands. This is primarily because it serves as an excellent source for meat for those living on the land and works efficiently to reduce the insect and pest population.


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