Egyptian Eye Tattoo

Want to learn more about the Egyptian eye tattoo? Read on for facts and info about this historical Egyptian symbol along with its meaning and significance…

The symbol of the Egyptian eye is one with mystical and mysterious connotations. This unique symbol is better known as the eye of Horus as depicted in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. It was popularly used as a symbol of protection amongst the ancient Egyptians who would paint the symbol on various objects and would even opt for a tattoo of the Egyptian eye.

Egyptian Eye History

The Egyptian eye belongs to one of the most highly revered deities in ancient Egyptian history, namely the Sun God Horus. This symbol is also known as the eye of Ra as well as the Eye of the Moon. The use of the symbol was suggestive of the royal power from deities and also acted as a symbol of protection guaranteed by the Sun God himself. Historical records show the depiction of the symbol along with Horus’s mother who is known as Isis as well as a number of other deities associated with Egyptian mythology.

This symbol is better known as the “Wedjet” in the Egyptian language. Quite simply it is literally the drawing of the eye of perhaps the earliest of all Egyptian deities, Wadjet. With the passage of time the association of the eye was transferred to another deity known as Bast following which it was transferred to Hathor. Wedjet was a goddess who was believed to be a solar deity and the symbol was her “all seeing eye”.

Artwork showing the eye along with Hathor has also been discovered by archaeologists. The eye of Horus was also used as a model for creating funerary amulets.

The use of the symbol guaranteed protection for the king in this life as well as the afterlife. It was used to ward off all evil from the kingdom. The use of the symbol was not restricted to the king rather even the sailors would paint the symbol onto their vessels so as to ensure protection during their journeys.

Meaning of Egyptian Eye Symbol

The symbol of the eye is made up of six distinct parts. These parts are meant to symbolize six senses of the human being. These senses according to the ancient Egyptians were sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing and thought. The eye itself was considered to be a receptor of sensory perception. The six parts or senses were considered to be six doors through which the human being could receive data.

The symbol has a very precise construction and the senses must be placed in a particular order in order to create the symbol as it was used by ancient Egyptians. There are many other concepts associated with the eye. Where as most of these concepts had to do with religious and mythological beliefs, the Egyptian eye was also used in arithmetic. According to the ancient Egyptian measurement systems the symbol would represent a fractional quantification system that could be used to measure parts of a complete whole.


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