The Ancient City of Troy

Have you seen the movie Troy? Are you going on holiday to Turkey and want to see the real Troy? Read on

The ruins of the ancient city of Troy are located in North West Turkey. The ruins of Troy are surrounded by fields of grain with a few interspersed villages in the area. Troy was rediscovered by archaeological excavations in the 19th Century during the time of Ottoman rule in Turkey.

History of Troy in Turkey

The ancient city of Troy has been inhabited since the Bronze Age although the city has been destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout history. In 1800 BC Troy became settled and populated by people of Indo European origins who were related to the Mycenaeans of what is today Greece. The city of Troy increased in prominence as Troy traded with other Greek city states on the other side of the Aegean Sea.

The Ruins of Troy

If you visit Troy today the first thing you will notice is the large replica of the Trojan horse at the front of the ruins. Taking a picture in front of the Trojan horse at the site of Troy is a great photo opportunity. The ruins of Troy are an official Turkish tourist site which are open daily from 8am until 5pm. The entrance fee for Troy is $1. Unfortunately the ruins at Troy are not as complete as other Turkish sites like Ephesus despite archaeological excavations from the 19th century. Archaeologists inside and outside of Turkey believe that there were no less than nine different city states built at Troy; each one on top of the other. This can still be seen today in Turkey at the ruins of Troy where walls from different historical periods have been excavated. The Troy that has become famous from stories of the Trojan War was believed to be the sixth or seventh Troy.  The temple of Athena from the seventh city of Troy can still be seen today.

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