Things To Do Altinkum Turkey

Looking for things to do in Altinkum Turkey? Read on to find out how to have a great vacation with a myriad of things to do in Altinkum Turkey…

The beautiful city of Altinkum Turkey is a sight to behold. With the ruins of Apollo’s temple, you will have a wonderful time discovering the history behind this pile of old stones which dates back to two thousand years.

You’ll be amazed when you try and analyze the skills of the people of this time. It is truly a tribute to their skill since the architecture prevalent at this archaeological site cannot be replicated even with the best machinery available today.

Historical Sights of Altinkum Turkey

The city is home to a bustling marketplace, with shopkeepers who are extremely pushy as well as a plethora of cafés that serve you delicious food and snacks at all times. Make sure you have your bargaining hat on because prices are over-estimated for designer fakes which abound in Turkey.

You can get a real feel for the actual life led by the Turks in modern times by walking through the alleys and marketplaces. Offset by the powerful might of this ancient temple, it is a sight to behold with the new and live marketplace blending in with the ruins of centuries ago.

There is the magnificent theatre at Priene, which has front end seats with lion’s paws profiles which were reserved for distinguished guests.

As far as Athena’s temple is concerned there are many motifs which are utilized to embellish the entablatures in this architectural masterpiece.

A good idea is to relax at the Aqua Park. You can easily get there on a dolmus. This beautiful park looks out towards the islands of Greece. Its many slides and water pools let you enjoy an adventurous time or lounge at the food court and quiet waters.

The city of Altinkum is famous for its golden and sandy beach, which gives it its name. The name Altinkum is actually a combination of two words which mean gold and sand. The crystal-clear water slopes down gently and is perfect for non-swimmers as well. Since the beach is very popular there are many water sports to be enjoyed like Jet Ski and parasailing.

Altinkum Turkey – The Perfect Location for a Turkish Bath

As you’re thinking of different and exciting things to do in Altinkum Turkey, consider enjoying a wonderful and relaxing Turkish bath. This is a combination of an extremely hot sauna, which almost makes you faint, followed by resting on a warm marble table while you are being scrubbed to remove dead skin. It is finished off with an invigorating soapy foam massage, which relaxes the muscles and rejuvenates the spirit. You can even have a shampoo massage and oil massage for your head incorporated into the experience.

Sounds and Sights in Turkey

Why not take a tour on a boat and stop for a dip in the beautiful and calm waters off the Turkish coast? There are many banana boats and doughnut boats along with the ice cream boats within the vicinity which your ship travels and you can actually enjoy a trip on each of these! Enjoy lunch on board ship and cool off with a relaxing swim among the many other tourist boats floating this area.

There are wonderful shops and markets all over the place and you can pick up bargains if you can haggle with the aggressive shopkeepers.

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