Turkey Hunting in Los Angeles County

Interested in turkey hunting in Los Angeles County? Read on to find out details about turkey hunting in Los Angeles County…

In Los Angeles County the best time to hunt turkey is in the spring. The hunting season generally starts at the end of March and runs through early May under the category of general season. However, there is an extension for junior hunting license holders as well as spring archery which run through the middle of May.

The shooting hours for turkey hunting in Los Angeles County are established to run from a half hour before sunrise to 4 PM in the evening. The main reason for an early stop time in the spring season as compared to the fall is because the season falls during the breeding season of turkeys.

In order to maintain the populations of the nesting hens; shooters are allowed only to take the gobblers and bearded hens during the spring. This means that the hens will be able to nest and maintain the turkey population for hunting season year after year. The birds can then survive two seasons every year of the spring and fall without feeling the pressure of the hunt on their population.

Normally the turkeys are known to roost communally and flock at few trees for roosting at night. They can become very vulnerable by the end of the day when they return to the roost. If they are startled by gunshots and hunters as they want to return to the roost they might wander off and end up in unfamiliar roosts. This would make them very vulnerable to predators and hunters.

Location of Turkey in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County has a fairly large population of huntable turkey. They’re mostly found in the pine woodlands or the mixed oak forests and have been spotted in the Central Valley along with the river bottom habitat. While you may have good opportunities to hunt on public lands most of the turkeys will be found on privately owned land which you will require permission to access.

Turkeys are found in most of the national forests across Los Angeles County. From the Bureau of Land Management land to the Department of Fish and Game and the Wildlife Areas in Northern California, you can find turkey populations across these habitats but they’re available in small pockets and somewhat difficult to access. Often you can find local government land which is open for public hunting.

Turkey hunting in Los Angeles County generally requires you to do some homework before you start off scouting the lands. The main reason for this is that most of the hunting areas are private access areas.

It is recommended that you always carry a map from the Bureau of Land Management in order to identify locations. Apart from this you can find updated information on the change in ownership of land as well as find out from them which land areas are populated with a good number of turkeys.

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