Things to Do in Karamursel Turkey

Wondering about different things to do in Karamürsel Turkey? Read ahead and discover different things to do in the coastal city of Karamürsel Turkey…

The town of Karamürsel is located in northwest Turkey and lies in the province of Kocaeli bordering the Izmit Bay. There are many fish-based restaurants there because it is known for the wonderful catches of luxurious seafood from its coastal waters. Fruits are another popular product and a big source of income for the locals. From heavenly peaches to juicy plums and ripe cherries, pears and apples you can enjoy the natural flavor of fruits from this region.

The most famous handiwork from this town is a basket which is utilized for collecting fruits of the region. The unique aspect regarding this basket is that it looks small but has a large capacity.

This town is so popular all over the country that everyone across the country knows its name. When thinking of things to do in Karamürsel Turkey you will be amazed at the amount of natural blessings that this town has been endowed with for you to enjoy. After you have enjoyed the local cuisine of fruit and seafood you can explore the area which exemplifies the natural beauty that the region is blessed with. The city is often known as the Town of Wrestlers as many famous men involved in wrestling in Turkey hailed from this town.

This town has a mainly Muslim community and many of them are immigrants from Bosnia, Macedonia, Georgia, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries which were under persecution in the last century. There is a heavy influence of Balkan and Caucasian culture on this region and due in part to the fall of the Ottoman Empire you can see a beautiful blend of the rich ethnicity of different cultures in the region.

Unfortunately this beautiful town was devastated in the year 1999 when it was hit by the Izmit earthquake. Owing to tsunami which followed the earthquake, many towns have been inundated by seawater. Since then the coastal area of Karamürsel has been greatly reconstructed and rebuilt.

When thinking of things to do in Karamürsel Turkey, you can also enjoy exploring the naval structures as it was a very important base for the navy. In fact why not visit the first shipyard constructed by the Ottomans in the year 1327? This shipyard lies in the Bay of Izmit and provides excellent navigation and control for the areas of the Black Sea.

In fact history tells us that it was an important naval base for the US during the Cold War and was used to intercept Russian radio transmissions. The huge structure which could intercept these radio waves was known as the Elephant Cage and was functional till 1979 here. This is one of the main reasons why everyone is familiar with the town of Karamürsel. The Turkish Navy still uses this base as a naval base minus the huge cage-like antenna.

The town of Karamürsel in Turkey provides wonderful weather and the unique waters off its coastline are very inviting. While the summers can be quite hot the other months are perfect for a visit. The summers start in the middle of June and last all the way up to the middle of September.

They areas inland do not have summer rain, but are cooler than the coastal areas. You can take in the natural beauty of this town along with enjoying the different festivals all over the country and visiting heritage sites or natural areas which have been preserved for the unique beauty that they offer. A unique feature of this place is that it has seen over 10 cultures during centuries of its history and holds something of special interest for everyone. Whether you’re alone or with a family will actually determine which region you will enjoy visiting the most. It is an opportunity that must be had at least once-in-a-lifetime.

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