Turkey Pot Pie Bisquick

Want to learn how to make the turkey pot pie Bisquick? Read on for a quick fix recipe for the traditional turkey pot pie recipe with bisquick…

A turkey pot pie with Bisquick is one of the most popular turkey meat dishes out there. This is one of the easier recipes to handle and even an amateur cook can prepare a finger licking good turkey pot pie Bisquick.

Ingredients for Turkey Pot Pie Bisquick

You will need about two cans of condensed cream of chicken and mushroom soup along with condensed chicken broth and 4 cups of cut up cooked turkey to prepare the turkey pot pie. You will also need some mixed vegetables for which you can purchase a pack of frozen mixed vegetables. If you are looking for the quick fix turkey pot pie recipe then you can purchase the Bisquick Heart Smart mix for this recipe. You’ll also need poultry seasoning and fat free skim milk. The finished product has to be served along with holiday beans and cranberries in order to capture the tradition.

Turkey Pot Pie Bisquick Preparation

You start by preheating the oven to 375°F. On the side take a 4 quart saucepan and heat the soup and broth together while adding the turkey and vegetables. Continue to work until it comes to a boil making sure to stir constantly. Boil and stir for about one minute after which you will need to spread the contents in an ungreased pan.
Next you need to stir the remaining ingredients into a medium sized bowl until they are well blended together. Pour the mixture over the soup evenly. You will find the crust rises during the baking procedure. After putting all the contents in the baking dish put it in the oven and bake for thirty minutes or until you find the surface turning light brown in color.

Turkey Pot Pie Variation

You can prepare turkey pot pie with a number of different variations. Making changes in the choice of mixed vegetables can bring about different flavors. You can also change the condensed cream soups depending on what you prefer or what is easily available.

It is important to use the correct measurements when it comes to making a turkey pot pie. When measuring dry ingredients such as the Bisquick mix you need to make use of a standard dry ingredient measuring cup but always level the top using any utensil that have. It is important not to scoop or pack it down. Rather you need to add just the right amount to achieve the desired taste.

Turkey Pot Pie Nutrition Information

Not only is turkey pot pie Bisquick a great tasting recipe but it is also quite healthy. A standard serving of the pot pie has a total of 370 calories of which 110 are from fat. The total fat content is about 12 g, whereas cholesterol measures in at 65 mg and sodium at 140 mg. The carbohydrate content of the pot pie is 36 g, It is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and iron.

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