Korean Drama Phoenix

Interested in the Korean drama Phoenix? Learn more about the popular Korean drama series, Phoenix, which became an instant hit with its romantic storyline…

The Korean drama Phoenix focuses on the way fate works to bring together two people in a loving relationship at the right time. The story revolves around a young married couple who are desperately in love with each other but the timing seems to be wrong for them. This leads to their separation. However, after a few years they come across each other again.

Interesting Characters in the Korean Drama Phoenix

The female who was previously the daughter of a millionaire and fell in love with an orphan has through the twists of fate now become a pauper, whereas the young orphan has grown up into a successful businessman. Their switch in status, environment and lifestyles has literally given them a new perspective on life.

The childish young woman grows up into a mature person when faced with the hardships of life and the twisted mentality of the orphan has developed into a more stabilized personality.

With their change of perspective they develop a closer understanding and can accept where the other person is coming from therefore leading to the right time for a relationship this time around.

Cast Members and Characters of the Korean Drama Phoenix

The role of the young orphan boy is played by Korean actor Lee Seo-Jin who does a fantastic job of depicting the twisted mentality of Jang, Sae-Hoon.

His father had passed away from a car accident and this ambitious young boy focused on getting scholarships to realize his life’s ambitions. This was completely disrupted when a carefree young girl crashed into his life.

Actress Lee Eun-Joo, who plays her as someone from a very elite family with an elitist background, plays the role of the young girl. He keeps pushing her away because of their different backgrounds, but she continues to pursue him and wins his heart. They end up getting married, but the harsh realities of life lead to their inevitable separation.

Heading for New York to look for a new life he accomplishes his American dream and transforms into the polished businessman popularly known as William Jang. After 10 years he returns to Korea and as commonly happens in Korean dramas his former wife suddenly comes face-to-face with him. Another character is introduced as a former classmate of both the main characters; his name is Mi-Ran.

At that point the real issues start developing when Jang wants to win back the love and affection of the ex wife Lee Ji-Eun.

She had grown up spoiled and pampered by her father. Her mother was an immature woman who just focused on luxury and she had a troublemaker for her sister. When her father dies and the family loses its entire fortune, life takes a U-turn for her and beautiful looks and an elitist background don’t help her at all.

The harsh realities of life really hit her hard after her orphan husband leaves her because of their constant bickering. She ends up taking care of her crazy mother and sister and memories of the little brat that she used to be are far away from her current condition.

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