Turkish Silver Hallmarks

Learn about Turkish silver hallmarks before you purchase jewellery.

Turkish jewellery is distinct not only in it’s designs but also in the composition of silver alloy used. Where most silver is made of silver or copper alloy, Turkish silver uses silver or cadmium alloys.

Cadmium is a soft metal which is a by-product of copper, lead ores and zinc. It is lighter than copper and is tarnish resistant. It is suited for those looking for a shiny versus antique appearance.

Turkish silver has no distinctive form and the products are inspired by other styles found around the world.

Silver Hallmarks

Silver jewellery is often marked in some manner using symbols to identify their purity level. Each country has its own system of marking which can be adopted by others.

Systems were established where the name of the company or manufacturer and the year is mentioned. Today the majority of sterling silver is hallmarked with ‘925’ hammered on the piece. It is made in such a way that the mark is visible but not too obvious. The pieces which are larger in size are often hallmarked with ‘Sterling’ on them.

On the other hand the Turkish gold is 14 carat or ‘585’ which means 58.5%. This percentage tells us what volume of metal should be gold. The remaining is usually silver but can also be any other metal.

Purchasing Turkish Jewellery

Anyone purchasing Turkish silver or gold should be careful when making the deal.  Many customers rely on the reputation of the jeweller or a close one’s recommendation before they decide on a jeweller. This particularly holds true if you are buying silver jewellery or pieces with gemstones.

It is also recommended to haggle when buying gold, silver or gemstones. Some sellers overprice the pieces to make them seem expensive or precious when in fact they are not.

There will be a limited chance of fraud as there are limited suppliers who stock the market. And as far as gold is concerned the sale is made based on the weight of the gold and so there cannot be a lot of variation in the price.

The hallmark on the jewellery is a symbol of indication and authenticity which is why it is important to check for it. You can also ask your seller to provide you with a form which certifies the authenticity. Other than this make sure to deal with a reliable jewellery seller to prevent any sort of fraud.

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