Turkish Wedding Bracelets

Looking for a Turkish wedding bracelet? Need a bridal gift for a wedding in Turkey? Read on for more ideas & information…

Turkish wedding rituals vary depending on the religion and social standing of the couple and their families. In most cultures it is customary for friends and relatives to present the couple with household goods they will need to start their new life together, but this is not the custom for Turkish brides. Instead, the bride is presented with golden bracelets and money is pinned to the grooms jacket. It is not unusual for the families of the bride and groom to vie with one another to see who can present the most valuable bracelet or the greatest amount of money.

Turkish Gold Wedding Coins

Guests at the wedding may opt for the gift of a gold coin or necklace, but the items must be carried by the bride so it is best if the coin has a small pin on the back or is given in a pouch. Necklaces may be placed around the brides neck. Household goods are given to the couple by the families before the wedding takes place and they are not considered suitable wedding gifts. Wedding customs vary by region and weddings that take place in urban areas can be quite different than rural weddings.

Turkish Wedding Gift Bracelets

The custom of giving gold Turkish wedding bracelets may be more practical than the Western custom of gifting the couple with household goods. After all, getting an extra gold bracelet is better than getting an extra toaster or iron. The gifts are intended to help the couple finance their new household. Gold is also a popular gift for newborn infants in Turkey. Westerners are catching on to the practicality of this type of gift, but they favor paper money, checks and gift cards over gold jewelry.

Turkish Online Jewelers

In Turkey, it is a simple matter to find wedding bracelets, necklaces and gold coins since they are carried by virtually every jeweler, but it may be more difficult to find these items in other countries. In large, cosmopolitan cities it may be possible to find ethnic jewelers that make these pieces for brides, but the Internet may be the best source for those living in smaller cities or rural areas. One advantage of the custom of giving Turkish wedding bracelets is that it is fairly easy to choose a wedding gift since you just cannot go wrong with a gold bracelet. If the bride does not like it she can always sell it back to the jeweler and thank you for the cash.

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