Canada Mushroom Buyers

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Canada is famous for its abundant supply of mushrooms which are exported all over the world. There are a number of mushroom growers and mushroom buyers spread all across Canada which provide a variety of mushrooms which are exported and consumed locally. Mushrooms are a very nutritious source of protein, minerals and carbohydrates and due to their meaty texture are favored as a key ingredient or bulking agent in recipes.

Different Varieties of Mushrooms Available For Buyers in Canada

There are various types of mushrooms that are purchased by Canadian mushroom buyers which include varieties of morels, blue foot, hen of the woods, yellow foot, chicken of the woods, lobster, cauliflower, fiddle heads, sea beans, hedgehog, beech and the more exotic varieties of Matsutake, Mousseron and Chanterelles. Each fungi has its own shape, size, texture and flavor and is referred for the difference and usage.

Types of Purchases Made By Mushroom Buyers in Canada

Buyers usually look for mushrooms in dried form or fresh also. For example it is commonly known that the most frequently purchased dried mushrooms are the morels, chanterelles or lobster mushrooms which are purchased in bulk quantity. These mushrooms are of the edible kind but some mushroom buyers in Canada purchase junk toadstools which are not edible mushrooms. These kinds of mushrooms do not fetch a very high price but it is convenient for mushroom growers to get rid of this junk mushroom from their patch.

Transport and Shipment of Mushrooms from Canada

There are companies which purchase thousands of pounds of mushrooms every year at wholesale rates and transport them directly to the airport to export them all over the world. The services of mushroom buyers in Canada allow mushroom fans all over the world to enjoy the flavor and experience of gourmet truffles. The buyers of mushrooms in Canada harvest high quality produce during the season and carefully deliver the fresh and dried mushrooms through courier and containers all over America. Processed mushrooms are then shipped across the world to be enjoyed by consumers across the globe.

Mushroom Buyers in Canada Seeking American Produce

Mushroom growers across Canada look at mushroom buyers who would like to purchase large quantities of their produce and are willing to offer discount prices for the bulk purchase. The great tasting wild mushrooms from the west coast of Canada and other forest produce are popular in America as well as other countries in the world. There is a full line of fresh and dried wild mushrooms and gourmet mushrooms available even online. Most of these mushrooms are grown in the Mushroom Capital of the World which is known as Kennet Square in Pennsylvania. Mushroom buyers from Canada are keen to purchase the carefully harvested products from this region.

Locating Canada Mushroom Buyers

It is very easy to locate Canadian mushroom buyers by using online services and buyer directories which provides a platform for Canadian mushroom buyers to place their orders and requirements online. Mushroom growers can then contact them directly and provide them details of the produce that they manufacture, and negotiate terms and conditions of the sale.


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