Turkish Wedding Favors

Interested in Turkish wedding favours? Want to know what things are typically included as wedding favours in Turkey? Read on for more facts & information…

Turkish Evil Eye Charms

Favors are typically small gifts given to guests that attend a wedding and these tokens are common across many cultures. Some cultures give specific favors with symbolic meanings but in many cultures the type of gift is not important. In Turkey it is common to present favors to wedding guests accompanied by an evil eye charm to protect them from harm.

The evil eye charm is usually a glass or plastic bead, most commonly in blue and white, which can be worn by the person who receives it. This charm is a powerful symbol among the Turkish people and is given for other special occasions including the birth of a child.

Turkish Coffee Cups

Brides have a wide selection of wedding favors to choose from including boxes of confections, silver bells and even beverage glasses with an evil eye charm embedded in the stem of the glass. Coffee is an important beverage in Turkey and affluent families may choose to present guests with gifts of coffee beans or delicate Turkish coffee cups and saucers. The ornately decorated cups can be quite expensive and only the wealthy can afford such gifts as wedding favors.

Turkish Delight

The most popular Turkish wedding favor is Turkish Delight, a native confection made from sugar, cornstarch, water and flavorings. Known in Turkey as lokum, this sweet was brought back to England by travelers who had visited Turkey and became an instant hit. Its popularity spread to Europe and the Americas and it is now recognized around the world.

The recipe was first developed in Istanbul by Haci Bekir in 1777 and the factory he founded is still in operation today. The most popular flavor for weddings is rose, but it is also available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange, lemon, cinnamon, honey, mint, pineapple and bergamot.

Turkish Wedding Favour Gift Boxes

The least expensive way to buy bridal favors is to order all the favors needed from a vendor that sells in bulk. Internet vendors offer gift boxes with evil eye charms attached that can be used to hold Turkish Delight, nuts, or other sweets. The charms are also sold separately to be attached to favors chosen by the bride and her family.

The choice of Turkish wedding favor is less important than the inclusion of the evil eye charm. Beads can be purchased for as little as $25.00 USD for 500 beads and they are a must for wedding favors at any Turkish bridal celebration.

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