Turkish Wedding Gifts

Want to buy Turkish wedding gifts? Read on for facts and info on Turkish wedding customs and how to select the perfect Turkish wedding gift for every stage of the wedding…

Traditionally the Turks would present different kinds of wedding gifts at different stages of the wedding celebration. Even today, you will find that couples getting married stick to the old school standards and wedding gift customs of the days gone by. However, the process of selecting the right kind of gift has been made relatively easier with the help of the Internet as now you can find a plethora of Turkish wedding gifts on the Internet.

Popular Traditional Wedding Gifts

During the Ottoman rule over Turkey the most popular gift given to a newly married couple was the Holy book of Islam, The Koran. People would actually be reciting verses from the book as the wedding preparations would proceed. A wide variety of food items were used as gifts and the Muslims would recite some verses of the Koran on to these food items. Baked goods and sweets were commonly exchanged during wedding celebrations. High quality cloth with painted and handwork design is also a prominent part of the Turkish wedding culture.

There is a particular set of gifts that are presented to the groom’s family. According to Turkish tradition a wedding is not a one-night event, rather it can span over a period of forty days. During the days that lead up to the big night the groom’s family sends gifts on regular intervals to the bride’s family. This also includes monetary gifts to . close friends and family members of the bride.

The list of gifts that are to be presented to the Turkish couple is finalized by the elders of the family. In general the trend is towards facilitating the newly married couple with household items that they can use in their new home. This includes everything from utility appliances to furniture. Many times the elders of the family would pool in to purchase a large appliance or an exquisite bedroom set for the newly married couple.

Another popular Turkish wedding gift tradition is the use of special gold coins that are used as gifts during wedding ceremonies. These coins are known as the Republic Gold Coins and every jeweler has them in three different sizes. The coins are presented to the newly married couple as an asset, which they can use later on in times of need. The manner in which the coins are presented is that they are fastened using a red silk bow and might even be pinned up on the bride’s dress.

When the honors have been conducted between the couple, they take a round of the seating where the guests are, presenting them with a basket in which they place their gifts. The gifts may be anything from the gold coins to bracelets and even gold necklaces. It is a custom in Turkey that the guests make a show of the gift that they will be presenting to the couple in front of the crowd. This is part and parcel of the entire ceremony.

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