Belvedere Florence Italy Loafers

Want to buy Belvedere Florence Italy loafers? Read on for facts and info on that kind of Belvedere Florence Italy loafer varieties that you will be able to find in the market…

The loafer is one of the most popular models of shoes produced by the world-renowned Italian company known as Belvedere. Even within this category there are a variety of difference styles and colors that you can choose from. In their essence loafers are characteristic of the Italian way of dressing and reflect a classy and almost glamorous style for men.

Some of the finest Belvedere Florence loafer varieties available in the market are as follows:

Belvedere Black Penny Loafer

This particular model captures the essence of the laid-back style of the Belvedere loafer. It is further accentuated by contrasting stitching, which gives the pair of shoes a very appealing look. The overall feel of the shoes is friendly yet very confident inspiring. The shoes are made using soft leather which is cool and comfortable. One of the things that adds value to this particular pair of loafers is the fact that they can be worn at many different occasions. You can don them along with your favorite denim jacket or wear them along with your suit. You may be able to get to this particular pair for a little over $100.

Belvedere Men’s Dolce Slip-on

This pair of loafers offers a taste of the sweet life of Belvedere’s Dolce shoes. This is one of the rare varieties that have been especially handmade using genuine ostrich and it also features a monk strap which gives it extra polish. The inside of shoes has also been lined with special leather linings that give it added breathability. At the same time the high quality leather used to construct the outsole offers utmost durability. The combination of an ostrich upper and the leather sole makes it an excellent pair of loafers that is both comfortable and yet stylish for men with class. This particular pair is available in a striking reddish-brown color that gives it a very rich appeal. Since this is an exclusive handmade pair made using high quality materials it will cost you about $320.

Belvedere Men’s Leone Slip On

This is yet another handsome pair of slip on shoes from the Belvedere loafer’s collection. It has been woderfully handcrafted and boasts the highest quality materials. The unique pebbled leather and crocodile texture give it a classic appeal that is a favorite among men of style. The slip on provides convenience as it is easy to wear making it an all the more dashing pair of shoes. In its essence this pair of loafers is the true epitome of Italian class.

The above mentioned varieties are just some of the options that are available to men in from Belvedere loafer collection. The complete collection consists of many different styles that are available in many different colors. This ensures that you will be able to find a pair which is in line with your aesthetic sense and budget.


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