Turkish Wedding Music and Songs

Interested in Turkish Wedding Music? Want to know what songs are played at a traditional Turkish wedding? Read on for facts & information…

Halay Music

The traditions of weddings in Turkey are often dependent on the ethnic group of the bride and groom. This is true of music and songs which can vary between ethnic groups and between rural and urban areas. One popular form of Turkish music is Anatolian in origin and is called halay. It is commonly played at weddings around the country. Dancing is central to wedding celebrations in Turkey and the two most important dances are the couple’s first dance and the dance of the fathers.

The Couples Dance

One song suggested for the first dance is “celik-diberim” , a traditional love song, but couples are free to select any song which has meaning for them. There are no specific songs for the dance of the fathers, however the music should be lively. During the dance of the fathers, the fathers of the bride and groom dance around each other while wedding guests literally shower them with coins and banknotes.

The Turkish Conga Line!

As is the custom in many Mediterranean countries, certain songs and dances are reserved for either men or women. One traditional dance at Turkish weddings is the equivalent of the American conga line where bride, groom and guests form a line with pinkies hooked together and dance around the room. The steps to the dance are fairly simple and can easily be learned by the uninitiated.The first and last dancers in the line hold a handkerchief or scarf in their free hand.

Turkish Wedding Bands

Choosing the music and songs for a Turkish wedding requires a basic understanding of different song lyrics since not all of them are appropriate wedding music. For instance, the song Istemem Babacim is the story of a girl who tells her father she does not want to marry any of the men he suggests and may not be the best song for a wedding. Another song, Gol Dulkam Yolarina, contains the lyrics “ I’ll spread roses on your roads” and is a perfect choice. Those unfamiliar with the language should find someone to translate song titles and lyrics or hire a Turkish DJ or band to provide the right music.

Ottoman Wedding Music

Ottoman sultans favored music in the Greek style and Turkish music has overtones that often feel similar to Greek music. The most important thing to remember for Turkish wedding music and songs is that the choices should encourage guests to get up and dance. Turkish weddings are all about having a great time and the music should reflect this joyous attitude.

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