South Africa Gospel Artists

Interested in Tales of gospel artists in South Africa? Find out more about the amazing collection and popularity of South African gospel artists…

The music and tales of South African gospel artists are exceptionally popular. There are many examples commemorating a rich and spiritual journey that transcends time using the compelling music of this land. There are wonderful artists who have contributed to different styles of South African gospel music. These musical groups are part of the single largest selling music genre in South Africa. From contemporary music to choral classics there are many musical styles that lie between these two extremes of gospel. The track listings of different music available in South African markets include Ladysmith Black Mambazo – featuring the hit single Siligugu Isiphambano, while Zodwa beautifully delivers the music of Indlela. The gospel music group Masole A Tumelo released Chaba Di A Fela and Lundi is known for the inspiring rendition of the single Thembela Kuye.

Amadodana Ase Wesile group sang the enchanting haufi Le Morena while the gospel group called MCP has been commemorated for its single Ikhenana Yoqobo. The spirit and soul of gospel music IPCC are revered for their rendition of Jesu Oa Maloba and the lovely songstress Rebecca gives us Modimo Oa Ka. The renowned Holy Cross Choir has the hit single called Khona Manje, while the mixture of contemporary and classic tunes by the Soweto gospel Choir have resulted in Vuma.

Majalefa A Morena contributes to gospel music through their single Godumo Dumo while the Pure Gold gospel musicians deliver Icilongo. Other artists known in South Africa for the contribution and popular singles that make up the genre of classic and contemporary gospel sound include Oleseng with their single hau Oa Morena, Amasabatha with O Khethelwe, Perfect Choice with Ng ‘Thethelele St Thomas and finally YMG singing Ha Le Lakatsa Tseba to enthralled audiences.

Origins of South African Gospel Music

South Africa has  adiverse multicultural ethnic profile in terms of its population. Enchanting music from the Zulu and Xhosa people from South Africa is mainly about song as far back as any historian, tribesmen or academic personality interested in its background would be able to recall.

The voices of ancient church music are carried forward and transcend time by becoming a part of mainstream culture in different countries where the Christian religion has spread. No matter who is singing it, the collective thought and spirituality comes in unity through the choral music and the hymns rendered by gospel musicians across the globe.

It is no wonder then that Zulu music and gospel music are both appreciated by the Africans. Their native music and sound is spiritual in nature and as the white man took over the African continent gospel music became a bonding feature between the twopoeples, which understood spiritual communication through music. South Africa’s race relations have been horrible and unspeakable since the beginning of colonization, but the only binding factor remains the spiritual factor, which is appreciated by both blacks and whites. This clear divide between the haves and have-nots based on color is blurred marginally with the spiritual music of gospel.

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