Wild Turkey Feathers

Interested in wild turkey feather decorations? Read on to find out how to use wild turkey feathers to create different crafts…

You can create beautifully painted artwork on wild turkey feathers or design some quill pens from the feathers of wild turkey along with making interesting wreaths to decorate your house.

Wild Turkey Feather Quill Pen

To design quill pens from feathers you will need to use wild turkey feathers. It makes a very flexible writing instrument that is easy on the hand for writers. However, you don’t have to be a writer to enjoy the fluid flow of a self constructed wild turkey feather quill.

You’ll have to experiment with a few feathers in order to produce the quill pens of your choice. The two things that you really need to know are the material that you are utilizing as well as how it reacts with the knife that you’re using to shape the wild turkey feather.

With a few tries you will be able to create perfect quill pens that last a long time and support your writing activities. Basically you will apply a sharp knife to the edge of the wild turkey feather in an angular motion and then smooth it out to make a pointed but well-rounded tip. When the wild turkey feather quill pen is gently dipped in liquid ink, the hollow cavity on which the feather grows will be filled with ink.

This allows you to write a few sentences at a time while you constantly replenish the ink by dipping your feather in the inkpot. With a few days of practicing and shaping out the tip of the quill, you will master the art of filing and grinding the quill pen. You will then enjoy giving as well as using your wild turkey feather quill pens.

Making Feather Wreaths from Wild Turkey Feathers

Another interesting item that you can create from wild turkey feathers is a feather wreath. Why not decorate your house during Thanksgiving with traditional turkey feathers? This is a reasonably easy project which can be made by the entire family. It adds a wholesome decoration element to the house during the cold weather. Furthermore you are not required to spend a lot of money in creating this project.

Use a 10-inch straw wreath band and use a pencil to guide the holes for the feather in the form. For a good wreath you will require around 70 feathers which follow the same curves in order to give it a uniform and neat look.

Put the wreath on a flat area and start placing the first row of wild turkey feathers approximately 2/3 of a distance down the wreath. Make sure the feathers are 3 inches apart.

Now make a second row of feathers about half an inch higher than the first row alternating the feathers in the gaps created by the first row. However, put the feathers closer together in this row.

Now start alternating and extending the feathers outwards and make a total of four rows. Use the long feathers of a gobbler for the first three rings of the wreath and finish off the last ring with the shorter feathers of a jake which will allow you to make a proportionate wreath.

Examine it from a distance and fix the proportions by using different feathers to fill in any unwanted gaps. You can keep a ceramic image of the wild turkey in the center and hang a Thanksgiving themed bow at the base of the wreath to finish it off. A good idea is to utilize a different mix of feathers to make an interesting wreath.

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