Wales Cottage Holidays By The Sea

Wales cottage holidays by the sea enable visitors to experience the sandy beaches, magnificent estuaries and splendid cliffs, while enjoyingthe water activities and exploring the dramatic sceneries. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Wales is much admired for its lush green landscape in the countryside and an astonishingly different seascape on the coastline. With the Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean on its east, Wales has a coastline that covers a distance of about 750 miles. Cottage holidays by the sea are by far the best option to experience and explore its natural beauty. The aquatic features of the seaside form a major reason for visitors seeking holiday cottages by the sea.

Cottages by the sea

Coastal cottages in Wales are located close to its natural attractions and activities. Guests can easily gain access to the dramatic outdoors comprising beautiful landscapes, green valleys, mountain ranges, waterfalls, caves and the countryside. Despite their isolated locations, these cottages are not far from the bustling market towns or villages. While cottages near Pembrokeshire are perfect for seaside holidays in South Wales, Rhyl offers fantastic holiday opportunities in North Wales. The Italianate village at Portmeirion in North Wales is famous for its private beach and architectural excellence.

Coastal paths and walks

The three major coastal paths of Wales are Pembrokeshire, Anglesey and Ceredigion. The Pembrokeshire coast is the most popular region in Wales consisting of a coastal path that runs up to 187 miles. It is rated among the best beaches in the U.K. because of its diverse flora and fauna, and clean surroundings. Coastal paths are ideal for walking, with many cottages providing walkers’ buses to drop guests to the walking paths. The national parks at Pembrokeshire, Snodonia and Brecon Beacons are known for their unique attractions. Pet-friendly cottages offer a lot of enjoyment and activities for families with pets.

Holiday activities by the sea

Wales’ beaches are among the best in the world for families with children looking for interesting holiday destinations. In its miles-long sandy beaches, visitors can enjoy surfing, scuba diving or just walking along the beach. Pembrokeshire has blue flag areas that ensure safety for children. Beaches of Mid Wales are considered to be the best for surfing because they have the best conditions.

Wales cottages by the sea provide luxurious holidays close to beaches and mountains, where there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep the guests occupied and make the most of their holiday.

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