Wales Coastal Cottages

Wales coastal cottages offer unique holiday accommodations that may be secluded in the countryside, located outside a city or situated in a serene fishing village. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Wales coastal cottages are of several styles and sizes to suit the needs of families and groups. Some offer splendid sea views while others are sited directly on the coastline. Their vicinity to the various beaches of Wales allow visitors to indulge in recreational and sport activities to make the most of their time, whether it is a short break or a leisurely vacation.

Coastal cottages locations

Coastal cottages are scattered over several miles on the coastline from the south east across St. Davids, Snodonia, Lleyn Peninsula and Anglesey. Each location has its own charm with old or modern decors amidst diverse settings. Cottages in the south provide easy access to Cardiff, which is known for its architecture, museums and nightlife. South-west Wales, on the other hand, has secluded locations for a serene holiday. In the north, cottages are located in farms or sandy beaches. Some locations are mountainous close to coves, caves and bays.

Famous coastal paths

Wales is renowned for its coastal paths comprising Pembrokeshire, Anglesey and Ceredigion. Pembrokeshire is the longest path covering a distance of more than 180 miles. Ceredigion is a relatively newer path that gives access to a few secret coves and sandy beaches that have not been accessed earlier. Anglesey has the most number of beaches than any other coastal path in the country. The famous National Coastal Park in Wales is the only one of its kind in the country. Cottage locations are usually in the vicinity of these paths, allowing guests to easily go for walks or engage in other water activities.

Walking on the Welsh coast

There are walkers’ buses from cottage locations to nearly all parts of the coastal paths in Wales. Visitors who love walking can make use of these bus services, which drop them in the morning and pick them up in the evening. Walking on the coastal paths can be interesting as well as challenging as they include cliff top paths and some amount of climbing.

Coastal attractions and activities

Wales coastal cottages form the perfect base to access a wide range of tourist spots and activity areas. Some of the inland attractions include the Sea Kayaking, Oakwood Theme Park and Botanical Garden of Wales. Fishing and sailing are quite popular in Wales, and most coastal cottages are just a few minutes’ walk from a harbor. Water sports, such as surfing and swimming are also popular.

With a mild Atlantic climate around the year and marvelous expanses of beaches, Wales offers unforgettable beach vacations in its coastal cottages.

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