Wales Cottages Short Breaks

Wales cottages short breaks provide a wonderful means to get revitalized while exploring the picturesque Welsh landscapes, be it the countryside, a beach or a small town. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Short breaks are becoming a preferred alternative to habitual week or month-long holidays. Taking a break during the mid-week or going on a long weekend can provide the much needed relaxation from one’s hectic routine. In the U.K. there are plenty of holiday cottages across Wales, Ireland and Scotland offering short-break stays in self-catering accommodations.

Interesting short breaks cottages in Wales

Wales’ holiday cottages are known for their spectacular settings amidst vivid landscapes. Visitors can rent independent cottages for short breaks and delight in the countryside or rugged coastlines of Pembrokeshire, or enjoy the uplands of central Wales and the sandstone peaks of Beacons National Park, just to name a few. The cottage locations allow easy access to idyllic harbors and secluded coves, unlike hotels and other accommodations that are located in the hub of the town. The fascinating history of Wales offers plenty to explore, allowing for a worthwhile break even ifit is a short one.

Activities during short break getaways at Wales

The wide variety of landscapes offers plenty of activities. For instance, coastal resorts provide an interesting array of water sports, such as surfing and sailing, whereas the countryside is perfect for walking, horse-riding and cycling.  Autumn and winter are apt seasons to take a rejuvenating short break in coastal cottages. Walking along the beautiful beaches is in itself a complete activity for nature lovers. A visit to historical sites, such as the Caernarfon Castle and Harlech Castle enables visitors to explore the glorious past of the place. The diverse array of flora and fauna makes it a paradise for nature lovers.

Growing cycle tourism in North Wales

People looking for a an active recreational break can have a nice time in Snowdonia as it has been developed for several interesting activities, such as cycling, walking, hiking, climbing, and so on. The area has some of the top cycling-friendly tracks and roads in the United Kingdom.

Flexible holiday-making

When it comes to short breaks, many people take interest in planning a holiday based on their hobbies, such as a golf holiday or a cycling holiday. Wales has some of the top golf courses in the country and makes a perfect destination for a short relaxing break. Self-catering facilities allow for more flexibility in planning a holiday and preparing an apt itinerary.

Holiday cottages and vacation rentals are listed on several websites on the Internet, and companies offer flexible holiday packages to suit individual needs.

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