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Indigenous Weapons from Australia

Interested in indigenous weapons From Australia? Learn more about Australian indigenous weapons and how they are utilized in everyday life…There are many distinct indigenous Australian weapons that are used by the natives in their daily lives. From hunting for food to transporting items from different place these tools and weapons are part of the survival [...]

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Australian Aborigines Tribe Circumcision Ritual

Interested in finding out more about the Australian aborigines tribal circumcision rituals? Want to know why Aborigine tribes perform the circumcision ritual? Read our informative guide…Australian aboriginal culture predates all other cultures on the planet and is very different. Studies into the Australian Aboriginal way of life have revealed that the culture practices and rituals [...]

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Aboriginal Rock Art

Would you like to know more about aboriginal rock art? Then read our factual and informative guide …Aboriginal rock art has formed a part of the traditional painting and engraving skills and dates back to thousands of years. Samples almost 40,000 years old have been found in the Pilbara, Western Australia and the Olary region, [...]

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