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Traditional Mexican Music

Interested in traditional Mexican music? Want to know a little about the history of the main genres of traditional Mexican music? Our guide gives you facts & information on the instruments and events at which this music is played.The culture and traditions of all countries and regions are diverse and that is the reason why [...]

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History of Mexican Music

Interested in the history of Mexican Music? Want to know where the major influences & instruments in Mexican music come from? Our guide to the music of Mexico gives you the facts & information you want to know.The culture of a country can be judged by asking three pertinent questions, i.e. what do they eat? [...]

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Regional Mexican Music

Interested in Mexican Music? Do you know the difference between southern and northern Mexican music? Our guide to regional Music in Mexico gives you a break down state by state of the different Mexican music styles.Mexico cannot be imagined without hot and spicy food, music and dancing. Music is such an integral part of Mexican [...]

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