Austria Lakes

Did you know that there are over three hundred lakes in Austria? Find out about the most popular lakes and the water sports activities that attract tourists to Austrian lakes.

The country of Austria has many interesting things to offer to tourists. Not only is the country the breeding ground for some of the world’s most talented artists and musicians it is a country gifted with extreme natural beauty. Generally speaking people tend to focus on the cuisine, culture and lifestyle of the people when speaking about Austria and totally neglect the best part about the country which is its natural beauty.

Even when people do bother to shed light on the natural reservoirs of the country they tend to focus on the mountains. It is true that two thirds of Austria is dominated by the Alps but at the very foot hills of these marvelous mountains lie some of the most amazing crystalline lakes that you have ever seen.

The lakes on the foothills of these mountains actually reflect the beauty of the landscape in rippled visuals. In total there are over three hundred lakes in Austria. These lakes play an important role for the tourism industry as they have a mass appeal especially for domestic people as well as Central European tourists.

Although the many lakes are an amazing sight to see they are actually action packed water ways. The lakes seem to attract the adventurous tourists much more so than the nature lovers. The primary reason behind this is the host of water sport activities that take place on these lakes.

The most popular lakes of Austria

Amongst the many different lakes the Lake Constance and Lake Bodensee are probably the most famous ones. Austria happens to share the above mentioned lake with Germany and Switzerland whereas it shares the lake Neusiedlersee with Hungary.

The best access to the wonderful Lake Bonensee is through Bregenz which is the capital of Vorarlberg. It serves the town as the perfect site for the floating stage which is set up on the water during the Bregenze Fetpiele Festival. Situated right next to the Neusiedlersee National Park is the Lake that goes by the same name. It is an extremely popular site for all sorts of water sports such as swimming, sailing, surfing and other such activities.

South of the Alps lies Lake Carinthia. A little further towards the Northern edge of the Alps is the wondrous county of Salzburg Flachgau with three beautiful lakes, namely The Lake Wallerseem The three Trumer Seen and Lake Mattsee. Towards the south of province is Lake Zellersee which is a popular tourist center.

Upper Austria has its own lake attractions for the public. Mondseeland is famous for its lakes such as Mondsee, Wolfgangsee, Attersee, Traunsee, Grunslsee, Hallstatter See and many more. The Alpine region has its own unique variety of lakes that are much smaller in size but are extremely beautiful. The only big lake in the region is Lake Achensee whereas there are a number of smaller lakes around Reutte and Kufstien.

With over three hundred lakes spread over the country the complete list is quite exhaustive. The above mentioned lakes are however the most popular lakes that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

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