Crochet Circle and Square Afghan

The crochet circle and square afghan pattern is a variation of the basic granny square pattern. For more information on using this pattern in your crochet read our guide…

The circle and square pattern is usually worked in at least two colors to provide visual interest. The center circle always contains stitches in multiples of four, like 8, 12 or 16. This is necessary to form the four corners of the square which is worked around the circle. The center circle may be either one or two rows depending on the creator’s preference and the desired visual effect, but the final row must contain a number of stitches that is a multiple of four.

Simple Circle and Square Afghan Pattern

Chain four and in fourth chain from hook make eleven double crochet (beginning chain three counts as one double crochet). Break off color one. Join color two to any double crochet and chain three to count as one double crochet, double crochet chain three two double crochet in same stitch (corner worked) double crochet in next two double crochet. In next double crochet two double crochet chain three two double crochet for corner. Continue around from double crochet in next two double crochet ending with double crochet in next two double crochet. Join with slip stitch to top of beginning chain. Each side has six double crochet and there are four chain three spaces.

Additional rows can be worked around the square by making a double crochet in each double crochet with two double crochet, chain three, two double crochet in each chain three space. Join last double crochet to beginning chain at the end of each row. Beginning chain always counts as one double crochet.

Flower in a Square

If more visual interest or texture is desired in an afghan, a variation of the circle in a square can be created by using a flower motif for the circle. Chain five, join with slip stitch to form a ring. Chain three, make four double crochet in ring. Drop loop from hook, slip hook through top of beginning chain, pick up loop and pull through chain loop to form first popcorn stitch. Chain three, make five double crochet in ring, drop loop and pick up back loop from first double crochet in group, pick up working loop and draw through the loop of first double crochet, chain three. Repeat until eight popcorn stitches have been completed ending with chain three. Join chain three to first popcorn stitch and break off.

Square is worked by joining yarn in any chain three space work corner (two double crochet, chain three two double crochet) skip next popcorn stitch work four double crochet in next chain three, skip popcorn and work corner in next chain three. Continue around in this manner until square is completed. Join to beginning chain.

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