Italian Designer Shoes For Men

Do you want to know how to match Italian designer shoes for men with clothes in various shades? Then read our factual and informative guide…

While women have a vast palette of colors to choose from when buying shoes; men have limited choice. Yet, it is imperative to match your shoes with your belt, tie, shirt color, depending on your outfit and even your jacket. Most people would agree that wearing a pair of white shoes; regardless of how well made it is and the brand name on it will look incredibly silly if you have on a black suit. You will be spoiling the effect of a well made outfit and at best will probably look like a modern day vaudeville performer. So, if you always find yourself spending several minutes trying to figure out what shoes color to use with a specific outfit, here are some tips that will help you to pick wisely.

The classic blacks

Black is not only a common but also a classic color when it comes to shoes. It would be almost blasphemous to not have a black shoe in your wardrobe. As a matter of fact it can be safely said that it would be tough to find a man who does not own a pair of black shoes. On of the reasons for the popularity of the color is that it can go with just about any type of outfit; add to this the amazing look of patented black Italian shoes and its not difficult to understand why most men own at least one pair of shoes in black. These shoes  best work with dark color pants that are close to black such as grey, black, earth tones, navy etc. You could wear these shoes to work or at social gatherings and they would look equally fabulous.

The earthy browns

Brown shoes are second in line to black footwear in terms of popularity. A favorite among Italian designers and buyers alike, brown shoes can be used with Khakis and also suits in tan, brown, olive ands beige. The best part is that brown shoes can be bought in various shades ranging from regular to the very dark chocolate browns.

The stylish tans

If you have a fondness for light colored clothes, you simply cannot do without a pair of tan shoes in your wardrobe. These can be coupled with khakis, lighter tans and beige. However, you could get adventurous and also wear them with blue, grey or white dress trousers and they would look equally fantastic. Ideally, you should match tan shoes with your belt to create an impressive impact.

Italian designer shoes for men are also available in grey and white which can be used for special event and with specific colors.

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