Crochet Graph And Wave Afghan Patterns

There are many free instructions available for crochet graph and wave afghans patterns. For more info on graph and wave Afghan patterns read our guide…

As a rule, wave afghans are worked in one piece or in strips while graph afghans may be worked as one piece, as strips or as squares. Graph afghans are for crocheters at the intermediate or advanced levels since the color changes may pose difficulty for beginners. Some graph afghans may be worked in small squares and joined to form the pattern, as in the lone star afghan.

Afghan graphs that involve color changes are usually marked on squares with each square representing a stitch. The graphs that show crochet designs that are achieved by joining different color pieces usually assign each color or piece a number and show how to assemble the pieces to create the pattern. If a pattern is crocheted in Tunisian stitch, a graph for cross stitch embroidery may be included.

Simple Wave Pattern Afghan

The wave is similar to the ripple or chevron stitch and afghans are usually worked in a single piece. The foundation chain is a multiple of 8+2 in the desired width of the afghan. The first row is single crochet in each chain. Chain 1 turn, single crochet in first two single crochet in next single crochet half double crochet, in next stitch double crochet, in treble crochet in next two single crochet, in next stitch double crochet, in next half double crochet and single crochet in next two stitches. Repeat across beginning with half double crochet. Repeat rows one and two to desired length.

To vary the wave afghan pattern and create more texture, single crochet rows may be worked the the back loop of the stitches of the previous row, or this can be done on every other single crochet row.

The wave afghan pattern can be worked in worsted with a size F or G hook. If a heavier afghan is desired use a size K hook and work with double strands of worsted yarn this will also speed up the completion of the afghan, since each row will be larger. This stitch may be worked in a single color, but looks wonderful if worked in stripes, usually completing two rows in one color then switching to another color. It is a great stitch for those making their first afghan.

Crochet graph and wave afghan patterns are popular, but most graph patterns require some expertise in crochet. Wave afghan patterns are great for beginners who want to make a great looking afghan with limited skills.

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